December 17, Xinyang municipal government held

December 17, Xinyang municipal government held an cheap air jordan 13 retro shoes emergency meeting, the deployment of more than 3,000 primary and secondary schools in the city do a dragnet, carpet troubleshoot, and request inspection teams immediately spot checks and unannounced visits, thorough investigation combination also To real-time video. Local leaders hope that this check can be found more problems, safety hazards nipped in the bud.

Day, Guangshan county to make a decision on how to deal with the first responsible person have been ascertained responsibilities: Vice Chancellor presided Chenpeng Village Primary School CHENJOHN column, Monju center school principals Wang Ying, Monju, director of the police station Pei Guangbin given a punishment of demotion; charge of education the Monju Township Party Committee member, the Minister for the Armed Forces Xu, the County Board of Education and the school safety checks, deputy director of the Clerks, DuDaoShi Director Xu forward Monju police station instructor Wang Enze dismissal.

Xinyang municipal government decided to further investigate the responsibility of other responsible persons to be, and then be seriously investigated to announce the results to the community.
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The assailants early morning broke into the campus

23 students instant fall

63-year-old Zhang Daosheng, Chen shed village, opposite the village primary school, who lives Chenpeng. He clearly remembers the school came early in the morning around 7:30, he just got up, I heard a burst of noisy confusion of cries, hurried to open the door and see the amazing scene: a lot of students were injured, school security and three villagers armed with a knife around the heinous criminals can not close. Desperate, he ran back home, picked up the broom after the door rushing. School security in the hands of the skin stick has been broken several cutoff overwhelming, Zhang Daosheng his broom piercing the eyes of criminals, criminals panic among over his injured eye and leave the weapon, surrounded by thugs 4 people swarmed theair jordan spizike for sale criminals Press down to the ground. Zhang old man immediately ran home brought a rope, a few people will be criminals tied up firmly.

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