Because of the previous two years by

“Because of the previous two years by the media know, kill children on TV” dog eat dog in turn target the campus.jordan after game for sale

At this time, Chen shed village primary school students have started school. The doors open, without a teacher and adults. Min to support the armed forces rushed in, brandishing a kitchen knife around, the screams of the children come down, useless three minutes, he had rushed upstairs. In deciding when you want a child dropped floor, he saw the the downstairs pool of blood in the children, a 9-year-old, a 2-year-old child remembered. Let go of this child, he was rushed to the masses subdued.

“Confession last detail, we judge that he is fully equipped with self-control.” Star Ouyang Min to support the armed forces confessions they heard the end of the world on a woman named Kim Guozhu about. Visited local several people invariably say this rural women named Kim Guozhu, Luo Chan Heung Venus village, 61-year-old, her recent spread the rumor: “end of the world is coming, the earth was going to explode, Guangshan Luoshan should be razed to the ground, God wants to take over all of humanity. ”
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Jin Guozhu, the police seized more than 70 copies of promotional materials to promote doomsday rumors. These women had fled, the police are going to hunt. “In view of this case belongs to the minors, if the spread is expanded prone inductive effect, according to the authorities require, investigation should not be open early, so this is some people thought we blocked messages.” Guangshan Magistrate Wang doctrine.

The school gates IV open wide open

Security vulnerabilities deplorable

Why school gates open four open criminals? Guangshan County deputy secretary of the supervision bureau Zhi-Feng Zhang briefed reporters on the results of a preliminary investigation. The investigation, Chen shed village primary school guard Zhang Changsheng served by the school gate commissary operations personnel. Zhang Changsheng around 7:00 every day to open the gate, schools require teachers in preparing bell 10 minutes before the 7:50 before school canjordan big ups for sale . But no separate requirement to school on time on duty teacher. Seen from the table of school attendance, the class teacher on duty teacher to the school after 7:30. When murder has begun.

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