These days, Guangshan County Board of Education

These days, Guangshan County Board of Education injordan cp3 iv for sale charge of the safety of students and teaching quality work, Deputy Secretary Zhou Feng, close your eyes, and there will be a bloody murder scene and broke our hearts, crying children. “We are sorry kids ……” Speaking with reporters he injured students in the hospital to see rescue scene, he tears.

Zhou Feng said, he was in charge of safety, are most afraid of the middle of the night the phone rang. Although the college entrance examination with success, but weak rural school security has often been frightening. The only school security put into this one, it has not been completely resolved. The county more than 300 stage of compulsory education in primary schools, with less than 1/3 of the full-time doorman, and these schools are in the county and township resident. The vast majority of schools, especially in remote villages primary school full-time security. Higher authorities repeatedly asked with Qi Baoan, but one no preparation, no two funds, only by internal teacher transfers. Generally a teacher in rural primary package a class, only cater to Clare security. This is a common problem in the vast rural primary and secondary schools, and struggling to cope with school security will inevitably air jordan flight 23 rst low

The school massacre past, but even more worries Zhou Feng, road traffic safety issues for children left behind. He was deeply stimulated the scene to rescue the children: 23 children all left-behind children, mothers with only two or three, not a father to the hospital to have a more than 70-year-old grandmother and grandmother by the elderly stimulate almost fainted, and arm care arrangements for the staff. Guangshan county labor export, over 80 million people, 30 million people outside workers. Parents work outside the home, children’s education only to the elderly. Under normal circumstances, the village the elderly open a bouncing tricycle, “fight” on three or four children pulled together to school. Such traffic conditions, how can people not worried

City Guangshan County has 22 students were chopped vicious incident occurred, the work is not strong sense of responsibility, because of the professionalism of our news, Xinyang Daily in the December 17 edition of published a entitled “guangshan: efforts to run the education to the satisfaction of the people, “the report objectively caused damage to the injured students and their families, and to mislead the public opinion formation, is also a great lack of respect for the majority of users and readers. Here, we commend readers to express our sincere apologies. It would be a serious mistake to make a profound reflection, replicability, and resolutely put an end to such problems. At the same time, we will redouble our efforts and achievements of return readers care and love. The English version of the message, according to Xinhua News Agency, China has arrested 101 “Almighty God” cult, members of the organizationjordan shoes for cheap sale doomsday rumors spread nationwide.

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