However, the pension is the current loss of income

However, the pension is the current loss of income cheap air jordan flight 9 max rst and expenditure has increased year by year, an increase of nearly $ 30 billion in a decade, and every province in the balance of payments situation very significant difference. 76.7 billion yuan last year, the balance of payments gap, the current gap in Heilongjiang and Liaoning have been more than ten billion yuan, and the former premium paid even less than half of the spending. Greater than the expenditures of the premium paid by the provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces premium paid over one hundred billion yuan the Provinces and accounted for nearly 20% ratio in the country, where the current balances of Guangdong, up to 51.9 billion yuan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing and Shandong were also in the more than 20 billion yuan.

This situation is also reflected in the regional differences of the insured dependency ratio (aging population and a minor population and labor force population ratio): Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the Northeast, and Tianjin, Sichuan system maintenance rates are close to or more than 50% is generally low, while the eastern provinces such as Guangdong and Zhejiang,jordan flight the power for sale Guangdong only 10.81%. The dependency ratio further affect the level of social security payment, the per capita contribution rate in the Northeast have been more than 20%, much higher than Guangdong and other regions.

In fact, in the context of social security fragmented intensified conflicts and population movements, partially funded system of pension insurance system will inevitably fall into this “benefit eastern Central damage, Metro benefit Old Town impaired” situation: funds gathered in the economically developed eastern regions, old industrial base and population outflow province weight unbearable. The first provinces to participate in the pilot of “do it” personal accounts Liaoning no longer afford the pension shortage of pressure, three years had an annual borrowing personal accounts pension fund for co-ordinating account current payment, and the amount borrowed is increasing year by year, 2011 borrowing amounted to 7.68 billion yuan.

Pension Development Index “developed under the Academy of Social Sciences, the deterioration in pension balances situation has affected to the sustainability of the pension insurance system, occupy northeastern provinces and Tianjin and Shanghai in the index of” sustainable “indicators ranking the last five, there is a big hidden.

For future changes, the report predicts that income over expenditure phenomenon concentrated to a few provinces (especially in the old industrial base) trends are becoming evident, coupled with accelerated aging, is expected over the next five years, this issue will be further intensified collection of extending the coverage of the “window period” does not fundamentally change the financial imbalances in these provinces. ZHAO Wen-xiang With increasing aging future filled pressure even more, “jordan fly wade for sale If you do not take effective measures to solve the local financial crisis facing collapse, the vice president of the Liaoning Provincial Labor and Social Security Society.”

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