The quality of economic growth grasp and measure

The quality of economic growth grasp and measure what? Deepening reform of the economic system, which will allow us to see and feelcheap jordan fly wade 2 shoe

In November, China’s economic recovery trend is more obvious, as a series of economic data released in November, reflecting the economically active industrial production increased by a record fastest pace in eight months since, pulling two carriages of the economic investment and a rebound in consumption for three consecutive months, but people unexpectedly November export growth of only 2.9%, far lower than the 11.6 growth in October.

Complex economic situation is not only reflected in the figures, is also reflected in the sliding largest steel market Long steel logistics base, where steel prices rebounded since September, recently began edged down, but the market compared to a few active months ago, St. captain told us to pull the steel vehicles a day, there are more than 200 vehicles, and in September, a day also over 30 car.jordan jumpman h series ii sale

The St. Hongshenghuo steel logistics base of workers in (Jiang Suhui Dragon): (September) basically on a class leisure class, and my heart more anxious ah. Because wages and tonnage relevant.

Reporter: now busy, everyone’s mood how about?

St. Hongshenghuo: high-income, and of course a good mood income more than doubled.

The signs of economic recovery in China to further clarify reflect the cool blue light, the early warning system of the National Bureau of Economic Monitoring Center, also declining.

Deputy director of the Pan Jiancheng (National Bureau of Economic Monitoring Center): August 5 (light) blue light, September 4 (light) blue light, to October 3 (light) blue light, indicating the economy it The warming trend.

Economic indicators back to normal, and decision-making data for this year’s Central Economic Work Conference, at this meeting, and to improve the quality of economic growth, has become the center of the economic work next year. The in-depth study to deepen the structural reform of the top-level design and overall planning, made it clear that reform of the overall program, road map and timetablejordan melo m8 for sale formulation, reform has become the most talked about Key words.

Zhao Xijun: pay attention to quality make our economy go better

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