explains to even the wall enclosure structure construction process

Yesterday morning at about eight, the reporter scene, the house is old, there are more than ten households house property by fire different degree damage.

According to the residents liu said the early    cheap nike air max 95 mens morning at about 6, 3 door 3 floor of a room lit the fire, the fire spread quickly through the wind, infect the next house.

Mr Liu said, they found that after the fire, hurriedly carrying bucket, end the birdbath go upstairs to help fire, but on the third floor was TieShanMen barrier. They hurriedly call, three floor of the household was fled after wake up, and the flames in a pair of young men and women for sleeping. Find the fire, etc, the door has been a great fire and lots of smoke to block, two people to call for help in the window, the neighborhood put up a ladder to help two people escape from the window.

Fire officers and soldiers to fire, rushed to the scene to fire, and the fire investigation.

Afternoon hold points, interns Yang coating, such as  nike air max 90 outlet online

a line of 11 people came to north temple tower site, the project safety ShangJianJun introduces 4 line the scale project summary, risk source, etc.; The station is introduced the technology TianMaoHai north temple tower stood with wall distribution and construction of the station, then the project quality, vice minister of shu, led us to the steel reinforcement cage production site, explains to  even the wall enclosure structure construction process. Shu in situ even wall construction into tank, steel welding, concrete pouring construction process control points are explained, and they had an interactive communication.

Then, a group of people came to JinGuangCun project stations and puts an end to the project structure, personnel composition, station construction, etc. In the evening, project leader team members and the new employee for dinner, dinner, city rail company such as assistant to the general manager ChenWanZhong group members and one new employees on the understanding, and explain   cheap nike air max 87 shoes the city rail construction in the east China area development trend, and encourage everyone to bear hardships and stand hard work, and duty and work enthusiasm, job, give full play to their own specialty, concentrated study, improve their own quality, growth for enterprise development useful talents.

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