the two players have many knife wound

According to introducing, on December 11, and point, a social youth into a north polytechnic girl’s dormitory riots, near th e   cheap nike air max 2010 uk school guards patrol team HuangXiaoZhong received lodge keeper alarm, to dissuade interception, hindered process, the man suddenly out from behind the two sharp knife, cut HuangXiaoZhong injury.

The impact and immediately to the school health team XiongZhi wave and ZhangWang waving stickers: “stay away from! Who near I killed who…” Two people through the tact alongside the trick will be on the first floor, under the found after both to turn on the second floor of the triumph in the dormitory, XiongZhi sea worry about the harm to students, will immediately from behind the embrace, ZhangWang also rushed up to the sword of the hand won. In the process of fighting, the two players have many knife wound.

The captain of the guard LiuJianJun quickly led a few famous players who will be the surrounded, the waving two knife cut to the nearest WangDongXu, will WangDongXu neck after sting along the mountain road to the north’s flight. Then ride a bike to school LvHui send water work, see the school health team is chasing a hands a man, and then joined to the gangster’s round, the gunman lunged   cheap nike air max 2009 mens at LvHui to attack, LvHui just copy from an empty barrel at the gangster, the knife thrust deep into the barrel, the school health team certain time, will the gunman down, and won the hand in addition a sharp knife, quickly put the will.

In the event the panic in the shooting, the school health team XiongZhi sea left hand was the bone knife splitting, hand nerve, blood vessels, tendons were cut fracture; WangDongXu neck throat was knife stabbed, wound  deep and near the common carotid artery, has out of danger; ZhangWang right forearm was the sword wound, 5 root tendon rupture, HuangXiaoZhong five injuries, including the neck wound ca. 3 cm, at present the players are in the course of treatment.

The public security organs after find out, this the gunman as a social youth, once a girl to the north of courtship rejected, then produce retaliation murder evil thoughts, at present, the gangster has been procuratorial organs approval of arrest. (out)
Yesterday, in the hankou jianghan road no. 3 door 3 floor of a building a fire, the house of a pair of young men and women because of sleep  nike air max 95 360 mens for sale had no knowledge. Neighbors in waked out two people, and put up a ladder let two people managed to escape from the window.

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