officials promise will be responsible for the injured players for a lifetime

To make winter and “two” during the work of production safety, heping district XinXingJie in has to carry out “the winter of one hundred, safety   cheap nike air max 2013 mens and no accident” activities, to ensure the safety and stability of the community.

“The winter of one hundred, safety and no accident” activities include four content, in within the jurisdiction of the little restaurant, small market, entertainment, etc to carry out a comprehensive safety education activities, in order to improve the safety production management consciousness, the standard production and operation behavior, reduce and eliminate all kinds of safety accident; The second is to increase the safety of the residents propaganda work, take a publicity, posted posters, production at the boards, slogan, as means hint community residents pay attention to safety, security, grasps the safety accident emergency disposal methods, reduce and eliminate potential safety problems; Three is to do a good job in “two” during emergency duty work, do it once accidents or danger, the first time to make emergency disposal, and promptly report; Four is to organize the community solid for production safety inspection work, the existence of all kinds of accident potential safety hazard item by item to undertake rectifying and reform, tracking review, to ensure that “the hundred days safety and no accident” activities really achieve the effect.

A zhuhai on December 25, (take Wei ChenYanRu) 25 in the afternoon, Beijing institute of technology zhuhai college, the commendation meeting held four injured players, school guards and participate in round criminals   cheap nike air max 2012 school health team and other personnel give commendation, officials promise will be responsible for the injured players for a lifetime, “never let hero blood and tears.”

Beijing institute of technology zhuhai academy award school guard “be loyal to their duties advanced collective” honorary title, JiTiJiang issued 20000 yuan RMB, the four injured players school guards were awarded 20000  yuan, and compensation injury subsidies 1 to 20000 yuan, and the promotion level salary, for other performance outstanding player award respectively from 2000 to 8000 yuan, to warm LvHui send water work only awarded 10000 yuan bonuses, to timely report the danger accommodation keeper reward 1000 yuan.

Beijing institute of technology zhuhai college WangTaoGuang chairman in the commendation congress, said the proposal on December 11, as a school “school health team day”, and promised to please the best   cheap nike air max 2011 uk doctor for school health players treatment, the school to the injured players responsible for a lifetime, “never let hero blood and tears.”

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