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In this survey, asked “jingguang high iron operation, if you want to go to the six different cities, you will choose what kind of transportation way?” With zhengzhou as the starting station, more than fifty percent of the passengers
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Among them, the plane to Beijing in passenger, shijiazhuang, wuhan and changsha, would like to choose high iron as a way of travel, Go to guangzhou and shenzhen, more inclined to choose the plane. General train car passengers go to Beijing, guangzhou and shenzhen, more willing to choose high iron as their transportation, and go to shijiazhuang, wuhan, changsha, such as travel more willing to choose the general train. High iron passengers to take the high speed rail travel be passionately devoted.

Jingguang high iron all through, “iron, male, machine” will become the competitive trend, according to the civil aviation personage introduction, and then three kinds of transportation will respectively have their own advantages, such as mileage area, 500 kilometers of less than, highway have a large
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The end of the year many foreign countries have shopping discount season, attract many LaoGuang out port tourism shopping. The reporter understands, into 12 months, select stroke contains specific shopping or participate in local shopping section of the outbound tourism line of tourists increase thirty percent, in addition to the people familiar with the European and American countries, but the Middle East dubai shopping city and also because of the local shopping tax preferential and is the world’s largest shopping day to become citizens of the popular shopping tour travel choice, increased the most obvious.

GuangZhiLv said, because dubai as one year the climate cool season, daytime temperature basic maintain in twenty to thirty  degrees, high comfort travel. And at present is still in the tourism market of the subject to the transition period, dubai tour price relative benefits, and the Spring Festival golden week travel route, compared with about 30% cheaper price. Add 2013 years dubai shopping day is Thursday next month, in addition to can enjoy shopping discount greatly, but there are many wonderful activities more local stage, therefore, to attract many people to come to consult the travel. GuangZhiLv introduction, dubai implement low import duty and no sales tax, it is the middle of the shopping paradise. In dubai shopping a lot cheaper

nike air max uk shoes for sale  than domestic, especially high-grade perfume, cosmetics, famous brand clothes and leather, offered a discount than domestic cheap at least one times. And will be on January 3, to February 3rd shopping festival is held in dubai local twice a year most is worth looking forward to national shopping activities, but also the world’s largest shopping festival. Several large stores, retail merchant with super surprise price open sale goods, most of the goods can enjoy discount 5 to 7, some famous brand such as LV, GUCCI, PRADA etc lower to ten percent. The giant shopping discount really made many people “killer”, they go on a journey.

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