For example, I sell a phone to you, he will ask

Ni Fei (ZTE the Nubian general manager): For example, I sell a phone to you, he will ask you, your phone screen worth, chip worth, Xiangtou, nike free run 4.0 v2 cheap worth the battery value how much, for example, last doing one hundred dollars, OK 110 dollars you serve, you can not escape from this state of selling organs.

Ring arrogance (the industrial economy of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher): Even if you contract this order is very meager profits, in particular, China’s manufacturing industry, these enterprises in China, and even China’s economic transformation and upgrading is an objective and inevitable.

Zhao Xijun: emphasis on quality allows greatly improved efficiency and scale

The (CCTV Financial Review Commentator)

Quality problems with the whole scale of our economy closely linked with the speed of our economy are closely linked. If we pursue the scale and speed from the total up to look at this issue, then we are the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of efficiency, more to look at this issue from the unit indicators. Each indicator is changed for the better, then your total amount is changing. If every year we reduce a lot of those incidents, the entire saved may create more value out higher scale, effective improve;nike free 5.0 v4 cheap

Suppose, for example, in the entire value chain, if we is pursuit terminals, high-end, then relatively speaking, to use a more refined input to obtain a higher output and efficiency, you can change in the low-end industries, you invest 100 dollars, you only get 10 dollars of the situation, we may spend 50 bucks, can get 50 dollars of income, but generally speaking, the effectiveness and scale will be greatly improved.

Maguangyuan: improving innovative capacity to achieve the maximum output

The (CCTV Financial Review commentator)

For example, two children examination, a child with a very scientific way, his usual learning eight hours is usually good fun, exercise, and easily test 80. Another child, parents give a lot of remedial classes, and never allowed to play, every day to learn two things, get up after 6:00, the results also exam 80 points, two economic growth, which is betternike free haven 3.0 cheap Obviously with a scientific approach that is good.

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