Now we see a lot of countries, the economic growth

Now we see a lot of countries, the economic growth of 4%nike free powerlines cheap or 5% is very good, and the quality will be very good, price stability, full employment, people of high income, earn a lot. But there are some very fast rate of economic growth, such as the money itself is very low, so the speed is not the most important, the most critical. What is the key? You what speed, what kind of output? This is very important. What are the determinants of this output? Our first three decades of major drive two drives, an investment drive, an export-driven, export a lot of things, but the money may be very small, but invest in a lot of things, our investment ratio is the highest in the world, we are now investment to GDP ratio of 45%, higher than the average ratio in the world is more than doubled, we now output almost threw 5 bucks, the output is only a dollar. Then this may be in a part of the problem, which is this link? Innovative environment, you do not have innovation, you do not have the total factor productivity, and now a big rock, and we spent a hundred people in there to move, then the United States opened with a driver of a forklift to move, on the move later, GDP growth is the same, but human input is a hundred times that of the United States. In this case, we need very little human input, very little capital investment, to reach a large output, then the only way to achieve this pathway is to improve the innovation ability.

Jinglian: special groups with vested interests do not want to reform

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Eighth Congress to determine the things we need to do in the future, is to promote the market-oriented reforms, eighth on behalf of the General Assembly made clear, we want to continue to adhere to the direction of the reform of the socialist market economy, but the essence of the socialist market economy is it? Greater extent, wider, deeper level, to play to the basic role of the market in resource allocation.

Now belong to special groups with vested interests, fortune with the power to, in general, he will have a tendency to, he will be reluctant to reform. It is estimated that in the future this resistance obstacle would be great, so determined, is the report of the Central Committee, to promote reform and greater political courage.

Maguangyuan: To reform to rationalize the whole mechanism

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File about a Forced mechanism, and means that we are now facing strategic opportunities, not simple integration into the global division of labor, expanding exports, expanding the traditional investment opportunities, but Forced to expand domestic demand, improve innovation capabilities, changes in development opportunities. To expand domestic demand, we must first improve the income of the people, nike free run 3 shoes cheap do it Social Security, which relates to the issue of income distribution reform.

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