To improve our ability to innovate

To improve our ability to innovate, our science and technologycheap nike huarache free 2012 system innovation, to reform. We are talking about our future innovation system should be a business-oriented innovation system, but we are not, we are now a lot of innovation from scientific research institutions, scientific research units to make innovative production and conversion rate, but these innovations and very low.

Third is to change the development mode, then I want to change the way of development in the most direct, is our investment in how to do? We now, we not only rely on domestic demand, or to rely on investment, What sorts of investment? We rely on expanding private investment, private investment itself of this initiative mechanism for select industries to transform our approach to development, then this problem related to the restructuring of our investment, so we are talking about the quality of growth What is the key to ensure that the premise? Is the word, that is, reform, and now the only way to change the economic growth, the only way to improve the quality of economic growth, and no other diagram, not to go by the investment, not go by exports, but by the reform by reform promote the mechanism to rationalize. We are talking about is a growing problem, the fact is still essentially a reform issues, we rely on the previous old road go elsewhere must be to reform, a series of reform measures must be put in place.

Zhao Xijun: reform can directly promote the improvement of its quality

The (CCTV Financial Review Commentator)cheap nike kukini free

My understanding is that incremental growth, it is not the same as with the previous pursuit of speed and scale of growth, the original may be we are less stressed, we use the figures mask some other quality problems. Comparative terms, we may be at the same level of output of hundred dollars of GDP, energy consumption may be more that we consume other resources may be more, we may waste more emissions, but we use the speed and conceal the scale of this situation. Pursuit of quality, then you have to have to put this thing turned out, these changes in our assessment of the evaluation system involves a series of institutional reforms. Therefore, in these areas, all aspects of the reform moves forward with the economic improvement of its quality between, it should have a direct link, to be able to directly promote the improvement of its quality.

Maguangyuan: market-oriented reforms to be implemented in place
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The (CCTV Financial Review commentator)

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