In fact, the few words spoken by the old man Jinglian

In fact, the few words spoken by the old man Jinglian very plain nike zoom elite 5 for sale but it is critical, that is to say, we are so many years, the Chinese characteristics of the socialist market economy what is? What is its essence? Essentially still play a basic role of the market in resource configuration, this is our breakthrough in the reform direction. If the right to the allocation of resources is not in the market hands inside, and the inside of the hand of the institutional sector, would certainly rent-seeking, there must be resistance, certainly interests. There must be market-oriented, come back in terms of market-oriented, market-oriented reform implementation in place, many reforms have been solved,

Zhao Xijun: breakthroughs in place to be able to reach a consensus and compromise

The (CCTV Financial Review Commentator)

Able to reach consensus and compromise places most likely to break through, and is easy to break through, if the reform is to have more courage, I want to find a place that we can reach a consensus for a breakthrough, for example …

The purchase of the policy started last year, the family, such as the purchase of non-Beijing nationality in Beijing for more than five years to pay social security or a tax. Thus, the so-called agency company pay the social security agency for qualifiedcheap nike lunareclipse shoes buyers name snookered buyers.

Yesterday, the Municipal Construction Committee and the city Human IESS joint news release, managing, pay social insurance buyers to review the qualifications will not be recognized, while expressly qualified buyers in the Social Security tax.

Illegal the mechanism 10 million social security agency in back

Prior to that, taking into account the number of people during change jobs there will be short “interrupted” of the social security to pay the social security audit can be identified, but it became a way for profit by some unscrupulous agencies. According to media reports, the individual institutions once handled by qualified buyers padded Social Security, padded 5 years of social securitycheap nike lunarglide 3 womens funds associated processing costs of 10 million.

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