Guy Granny 5 million yuan of compensation

Guy Granny 5 million yuan of compensation
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Trial, Jia Jianying think that the accident Confirmation not made by the traffic police submitted Xing Granny effective, does not have probative force.

The court held that the inquiry, the traffic police department in accordance with the legal procedures of the parties and witnesses and produced the accident site map, take photographs of the scene of the accident. The evidentiary material to the traffic police department, were identified traffic accident liability, the finding of a corresponding factual and legal basis, the constituent elements of the evidence. Court that the evidence to be admissible.

Accordingly, the court held that, and Jia Jianying in the process of driving an electric car with Xing Granny traffic accidents resulting in personal injury Xing Granny. Jia Jianying cope with the loss of Xing Granny liable for damages. Xing Granny spirit required solatium 45,000 yuan, no factual and legal basis for the court not support it.

February 9, 2012, Erqi district courts of first instance verdict: Xing Granny Jia Jianying compensation for medical expenses 49,246.73 yuan 1291 yuan, care, inpatient meals and these payments of 840 yuan, transportation costs 180 yuan, a total of 51,557.73 yuan .

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Jia Jianying refuses to accept, is ready to appeal

Yesterday, the reporter linked to Jia Jianying. He insisted that the accident Confirmation of the traffic police department should not have effect, “when I was reconsideration filed Xing Granny sued me reconsideration procedure is aborted. Should not have effect.” Jia Jianying also said that he does not know that the traffic police department in the end is what draw people he hit this conclusion, “can not just Xing Granny own words.” Jia Jianying said, he refused to accept the verdict in the first instance, is currently preparing to appeal.
People’s Daily reporter Qu Changrong message, Henan Guangshan county committee to deal with it to identify the responsibility of the first persons responsible: presided Chen shed finished ZHANG Zong-chu, the Vice-Chancellor of the small work the Monju center Wang, school principals should Monju, director of the police station Peiguang Bin removal from office; charge of Education the Monju Township Party Committee member, armed Minister Xu et al to be removed. Other responsible person to identify the responsibility, also will announce the results to the community. Henan letter Sunshine Hill County yesterday said in a news release, “12.14” cases of injuries to 23 students, the police initially identified Min to support the armed forces due to the “doomsday” rumors stabbings, the prosecution on the 16th in a dangerous way of endangering public security air jordan 9 retrofor sale offenses to arrest.

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