China Aerospace Science and Technology

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation cheap air jordan 4 retro Vice President Ray Fanpei, thanked the help and support of the municipal government of Langfang. “Currently, China is in an important period of strategic opportunities from space powers towards aerospace power. Langfang municipal strategic cooperation with, thanks to the Langfang locational advantages, resources, human resources, he said.”

Ray Fanpei This strategic cooperation will be implemented to speed up the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation “to build innovative, open-end, converged new system of aerospace science and technology development goals and building a large, world-class aerospace enterprise groups, and more well as to play a positive role in promoting the building of national defense and economic and social development services.

Public information display, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (“China Aerospace Aerospace Science and Technology”) was established on July 1, 1999. Its predecessor stems from our Department of Defense Research Institute established in 1956, has gone through the history of the Seventh Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, Aerospace Industry Ministry and the China Aerospace Industry Corporation.
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