“Under conditions of informatization system combat

“Under conditions of informatization system combatair jordan 1 retro shoes the ever-changing battlefield situation, to reduce the number of instruments, streamlining instruments contents without delay.” The brigade command cars, the communications chief Zengxian Sheng told reporters, they rely on the Beidou system and armored command and control system, converged to create a short newspaper text system, through the formatting template design, implementation, friend or foe battlefield intelligence, battle damage, victories, consumption, and battlefield combat documents to request information on real-time transmission and analysis.

Accurate specification, short message system to combat clerical substantially “downsizing” intended hundred words reported under the cross so that has become the norm. Command cars, the brigade the political commissar labor Zhengzhong rapidly according to the system summary of intelligence information to make judgments, will be resolved directly Oral combat mobilization order, get rid of the complicated procedures in the past, when the instrument is fiction. Labor, political commissar of emotion, said: “Compared to similar exercises last year, issued a document about the number, but the total number of words is reduced by nearly 70%.”air jordan 2 for sale

Operational instruments “downsizing” makes “Information Highway” Dulu, traffic congestion disappeared, accompanied by the commander an instruction issue, various data torrent shuttle command system, traction armored vehicles through the valley of the jungle, the “enemy The “depth positions gallop.

The field target system, let the “enemy” is everywhere

The guns roar, smoke filled the air. Drill into the live-fire testing phase, the main camp, tanks, three Battalion Wang Dongjian mood became tense.

“In the past, live ammunition shooting big are familiar with several fixed target locale, where what time by which car hit which target already clear in the chest. Now, due to the use of field target system, ‘the enemy situation’ indeterminate time uncertain Location random, no longer waiting for us to ‘burst fire’. “Wang Yingchang wipe the sweat, his eyes never leaving the viewer.

Yuehua Jian, the “enemy” from heaven: the operational area of ??two square kilometers, 135 target movement, invisible, combination of various forms, the gap flashed at different distances and different positions. Their offensive formationsjordan shoes 3 for sale by the onslaught of the “enemy” the bunker, Zhimiao firepower 13 target.

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