2010 superior investment is through the road to the post

2010 superior investment is through the road to the post.jordan shoes for sale Over Tiger Mouth now, the car is less than two minutes; the past and from the day’s journey, and now only need four hours; 50 people live with one week dry now 3-car can be done.

The fleet will soon travel to the sentry at the foot of. Soldiers scrambling to unloading supplies every face shine with joy. The reporters found that the radish, dried vegetables, vermicelli “youngest-like” has been replaced by fresh lettuce, cauliflower, bitter melon, lotus root …… as well as pork, chicken, duck, fish, etc.. Supplies a list of the “2012 the Zhan mother Scotia outpost winter hoard hands took over from the the whistle long public feel Dhargyal counted, there are 58 kinds of only vegetables, nine kinds of meat.

“So many things cellar installed is not?” The reporter asked. The public feel Dhargyal whistle long said with a smile: “since outposts pass on the power, the higher one after another allotment ‘cooked food vacuum cooling machine” fruit and vegetable preservation the vacuum precooling machines and fridge freezers Last year, the higher we cultivated food preservation division, these foods are not into the box (cabinet), is stored Preservation Act, past outdated cellar preservation. “cheap air jordan 2012 shoes

His words quickly be confirmed. After the material is moved back, the reporter saw, supplies member, deputy squad leader Zhao Bo the pork surface coated with a layer of honey, he said that honey has good water retention and permeability; remove the skin fresh fruit into cold brine soak in the the parsley root resection Airing outside …… officers and men to explore the way to further extend the shelf life of vegetables and non-staple food. “With such a rich the winter hoard supplies, post in winter is no longer long!” Corporal Young City said happily. (
Check laser simulation combat equipment problems be reported immediately. “War imminent, His left wing main task of the Nanjing Military armored brigade engineers a series of company commander Zheng Zhijiang not forget again reminded the officers and men. The confrontation, full use of laser simulation operations, in accordance with the nature of the troops and weapons independently implement laser shooting, hit combat by smoke show battle damage.

In the past, individual officers and men opportunistic advantage of the loopholes, the laser is used by the receiver chewing gum blocked, does not respond to the laser hit, lead-scale military exercise of the court “soldiers beat to death. And because of this, some of the officers and soldiers in the fight against often do not traveljordan shoes 2011 for sale tactical action, but facing the “guns” rampage.

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