According to Taiwan’s ETTV reported

According to Taiwan’s ETTV reported, the 6th Taiwancheap nike air max 2011 leader Ma Ying-jeou met with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill (Christopher R. Hill) and his wife in the Asia-Pacific and the University of Denver Professor Zhao Suisheng couple said that the Diaoyu Islands is a subsidiary islands of Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands “sovereignty” can not be divided.

Ma Ying-jeou said authorities are to develop the East China Sea code of conduct, and I hope to start negotiations on this basis, and then let the East China Sea a sea of ??peace and cooperation.

For the Diaoyu Islands issue, Ma said, he proposed peace initiatives in the East China Sea, through negotiation and dialogue to ease the conflicts that might arise, and willing to shelve disputes where the parties consent to development in order to ensure the peace and stability of the waters.
BEIJING, Dec. 13 According to Taiwan’s ETTV reported, Hainan Province cheap nike air max 2010 womens sale, announced that it will check the illegal entry of foreign vessels, the morning of the 13th KMT “legislator” Qiu Wenyan legislative bodies on the Taiwan question mainland affairs department of the Taiwan authorities, “the Mainland Affairs chairman of the Council “Wang Yu Qi said,” whether they are Taiwanese fishing boats or other vessels to foreign vessels? “Wang Yu Qi answer, of course, is not for the illegal vessels.

Wang Yu Qi said about Hainan released the newly revised “Hainan border – Public Security Management Ordinance, the Ordinance text has not been announced,” Mainland Affairs Council “will pay close attention to mainland China in the South China Sea as
Facing the plateau of snow, the winter hoard supplies convoy led by the reporter with a border regiment political commissar of the Tibet Military District Dan Yuexin went Zhan Mother Scotia outpost to send more than 4700 meters above sea level, winter supplies.

Now forces the winter hoard is really convenient, and a fleet of all supplies to pull over. “The four master sergeant the driver Yang Kaichun said with a smile.

The car races ahead speeding. “This is the ‘Tiger Mouth’ car after a cliff, Yangkai Chun said:” When I was 16 years soldiers logistic outpost back 12 years, and now, with the road leading to the outpost, and no longer have to shoulder piggyback. ”

Chan mother Scotia, outposts due to the high altitude, cloud outpost; coupled with bad weather, small place, is also known as a “slap outpost. Past annual winter hoard, to send 50 soldiers one week to lift 67 tons of supplies the horse pack nike air max 2009 womens sale sent to the outpost camp. Each to Tiger Mouth, are led cadres tied with safety ropes first hand to reach the front, the talent slowly pull your seat belt after the other in the past. 50 by “Tiger Mouth”, before and after nearly two hours to toss.

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