It is worth noting that the Hengda again fall

It is worth noting that the Hengda again fall into women shoes nike air max 24 7 cheap the group of death, the Korean K-League runner-up will face Jeonbuk Hyundai and Japanese J League third place Urawa Reds and the Yankees, Thailand Mentone United numerous tests. Among them, a powerhouse of Japan’s Urawa Reds in 2007, won the AFC championship, the first team to win the Japan team. The Jeonbuk Hyundai has won the AFC championship in 2006. Aiming to win Hengda try to win the group, must pass the test of the two former AFC championship team.

While the situation is grim, but the fans in Guangzhou is confident the team looked at the best players together, they pledged to press ahead despite difficulties greater glories, bitter not bitter to see Hengda packet nothing to say, regardless of the group assigned to what opponents must qualify! “Guangzhou fans also earnestly hope that the other Super League teams, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guizhou, constant it can only help you to help this, you yourself if the re- annihilated, and ask you to go back to selling cut cake!

“North Korea activated the U.S. anti-missile system, Russia’s” Independent “Review this title in the 13th United States to strengthen the voicenike air max 1 for sale of the ABM. Reported that the United States may deploy missile defense systems in Southeast Asia to step up, take this opportunity to achieve the purpose of containing China.

RIA Novosti quoted the director of the Russian world arms trade center  saying the successful launch of North Korea to to increase a bargaining chip in the negotiations of the future with the international community, but also to the United States to deploy missile defense systems in Asia an excuse. U.S. development of anti-missile system will seriously damage China’s interests, which may lead to a new round of the arms race of the Asia-Pacific region.

Worried about more than that. No other North Korean rocket debris landed, there have been news about North Korea might conduct a nuclear test. South Korea, “Chosun Ilbo, 13, said South Korean intelligence authorities and expert judgment, North Korea is likely to conduct nuclear tests three months after the launch Taepodong 2” in July 2006, North Korea conducted a nuclear test.

“Taepodong 2 launch in April 2009, only the past one month has conducted a nuclear test. South Korean Defense Minister Kim W town in the 12th Congress, said: “has made great progress in the preparation of the third North Korean nuclear test, according to political judgment at any time in the future may continue to conduct nuclear tests.”

Reuters, the 13th title Next “North Korea nuclear test,” said the Korea Institute for Defense source said: “North Korea insisted that any sanctions are unfair, if the sanctions strengthened the possibility of North Korea’s nuclear test is an analysis . “reported that the North Korea policy of self-reliance has ideological foundations, North Korea has said:” Whether peace how valuable, and we will never beg nike air max 2012 for peace. barrel of a gun and have peace. “

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