Hengda opponent before the AFC Champions

Hengda opponent before the AFC Champions League title in cheap nike air max 95 360 men’s shoes for saleJapan, Urawa Red Diamonds team. Saitama, Urawa Red Diamonds team’s home World Cup team called the East Asia devil at home, the fans and the atmosphere is very good, but not without understanding Heng brigade. “We have seen a general and Red Diamond game.” Hengda staff introduced, their home is really good, but the whole league goals and about the same number of goals conceded, this team’s defense or compared to this team as good as last year’s encounter Tokyo FC and Bo Taiyang God! “Hengda AFC last year against the Japanese team three total matches with a flat, take the initiative.

After the group draw for the AFC Champions group stage schedule published Hengda will play in the February 26, 2013 at home against Urawa Red Diamonds team. The year is the Chinese Lunar Sixteenth day. Hengda club officials said, to look forward to when the permanent brigade offered a plate of football for the fans of Chinese Spring Festival dinner! ”
Yesterday afternoon, the 2013 season’s AFC Champions League group draw ceremony AFC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Guangzhou Hengda, Jiangsu Sainty, Beijing Guoan and Guizhou, and four team finally found their cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse women’s shoesopponents, which double winners The Hengda points in Group F, for two consecutive years face Jeonbuk Hyundai same group also Urawa and Thailand League champion Monte Communications. The AFC most experienced Guoan in Group G, face J-League champion Sanfrecce Hiroshima and POSCO, the Deke. The first competition Sainty points in Group E, and K-League champion Seoul FC Vegalta Sendai in Japan, and Brisbane Roar VS Buri Winsor winner of this qualifying opponents. Catch the last train, and then fall into Group H opponents, including the Central Coast Mariners, Suwon Samsung yet to decide the winner of the Japanese Emperor’s Cup champions.

Yesterday’s draw at 16:00 GMT, simple speech in play after a review video of the last decade AFC championship, AFC Secretary-General, the AFC officials interpret the balloting rules. Including the same country team challenge principle and national league title challenge principle. This also means that, like in Japan and South Korea the league title this year, the same group next year and champions will no longer appear. Meanwhile, in Japan and South Korea each have four team finalists, the team of the three countries is bound to expand each team in the East Asian region in melee combat.

The balloting is still routinely divided into East and West Asia region, Uzbekistan, the giants of this Deke assigned to East Asia. The first is that the A ~ D group in West Asia. Subsequently, AFC officials, according to South Korea’s K-League, Japanese J-League, Super League and other league order, followed bycheap nike air max tn shoes for sale the group E ~ H group filled.

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