Huge amounts of money involved

 Huge amounts of money involved, let developers shines cheap nike air max tn shoes dizzy.Because, to tell you the truth, hundreds of millions more than one billion from the bank to get a loan far is not so easy to imagine. Real estate corporation, is rich composition group, providing huge amounts of money to real estate developers.The purpose: to help the real estate business, and its aura of maintaining and Everbright. The real estate industry, always on the tip of the outlet wolf, fall behind, do not live and die.The purpose: to make urban housing (including commercial, residential) prices have skyrocketed thoroughly activate consumers to buy up not to buy or psychological.The difficulties gradually purpose: make an inventory of the real estate developer funding chain, so that the bank huge loans to digest decomposition to give the rigid buyers groups and the middle class (mostly bank mortgage).In fact, investment buyers can be said is like a dog to eat the bones of the people lost.Obviously, the real estate nike air max 24/7 shoes cheap  bubble by: 1, the obscurant government policy; 2, greedy commercial banks; 3, the wealthy without virtue; 4, the innocent Chinese civilization (Jiali industry adult flag) four conditions that foster .You said it was worth it worth! Now buy a house for all investment between its price and the cost of a slight or significant fluctuations should be considered normal.No up and down but is not normal up faster, it should fall more fierce.Public look forward to: the rich should have social ethics, and should not be adding fuel to the flames for the high prices; national policy should be clear, you instigated the high prices is contrary to narrow the gap between rich and poor; 3, the commercial banks should be related to the destiny of the nation science, education and the development of the manufacturing sector to provide services, virtual economy is keen to cool down.Collusion between government officials into a major event. Not number one) colluded with the official (at least all competent authorities to move an inch. Colluded with the feelings fixed generous of discussion.The gimmick essential. Either overseas investment under the banner (skins), or tycoon’s backing of Zhejiang and Fujian. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche larger displacement, more charisma, brochures, the more domineering slogan more able to impress the Chinese people.11 million funding 30% down payment, mortgage three sets of one million 期房, amounting to 300 million, expenses 900,000.2, cheap nike air max 1 shoes  submitted two years after the day to pay housing maintenance fund and deed tax of 3.5%.

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