The property market when the good times

The property market when the good times and bad, property prices stumble up up, countless people departed from here every day, there are millions of people want to come here to the Gold Rush.”Eat the young rice”, which is a lot of rcheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse eal estate sales knowledge of this occupation. Good times, take a few hundred thousand dollars or even hundreds of million of royalty income year for poor, you may only hold flies pat flies, bag crop failure. Front-line sales staff, according to Ms. Chen, the commission of the big companies probably births 89 look small commission is much higher, generally have two thousandths three, even some high-five thousandths . Chen introduced her colleagues in sales last year, basically billions of dollars. Reporter calculation, in accordance with the above-mentioned commission proportion, Chen alone selling properties commission income will be able to reach more
nike air max ltd shoes cheap  than two hundred thousand yuan a year, to be called Jinling class.In fact, in real estate sales inside is divided into several levels, the ordinary sales consultant, and below them there is a called a sales assistant position. Staffed sales consultant when they help Zhencha pour more like a restaurant waiter, too many customers, sales consultant busy to turn them into battle selling properties, similar to the “reserve personnel.Estate manager Ms. Lin told reporters, estate sales line differentiation increasingly clear that the large companies five insurance Waldo complete, the personnel is very stable, but the commission will be relatively low; estate sales are a lot of small companies earn quick money, education, virtually no requirements, basic wages are very low, but the commission points were prohibitively high, they are often in a real estate sold a few months or even weeks to transfer the battlefield very outrageous in the means of selling properties when selling properties could fool buyers commitment, but leave Cleveland, what have become empty words.Buyers tears to see real estate Ten top-secret “hidden rules”The vast majority of people think that is opened after the Wenzhou and Shanxi to the market price. Then you are wrong, well aware of the cheap nike air max classic bw shoes  developer’s real estate group, the soft underbelly of money!

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