is unfair Shanghai all law-abiding people.”

 Cui said.Road value equal or

realistic needs of the problems facing between the two sides.”Equal value” or

“natural selection” “Accounted Hite pressure is not our cause.” Cui said.”The

spirit of the contract, the rights and obligations on such words, and often in

conversation Cui pop out, innike air max 2012 uk sale  his opinion, this is Shanghai this city be tolerant

to diversity” valuable qualities, follow the contract and forward in accordance

with the contract.For the problem of the distribution of educational resources,

Cui own point of view, “Since nike air max 2011 uk for sale  Shanghai has so many educational resources is our

self-tilt the balance to the personnel.” Cui said, follow a similar practice in

the United States and Europe, but also New York, for example, the territory of

each university for the citizens of the state has a very large preferential

policies, outsiders need to pay high fees.Cui introduction, members of the “Shou

Shanghai Alliance are some loose netizens, many of them in real life he does not

know, but love,” we Rationalism Shannike air max 2010 uk sale  ghai residents.”In Shanghai to participate in

the college entrance examination, I should be entitled to the rights of men are

created equal right to education, and now we just get back to our stuff.”

Accounting Hite said.But is Cui believes in the concept of “objects of natural

selection, survival of the fittest”, “pay for returns. In this bustling city, the

competition this fierce, he and the people surrounding him are so hard to work

hard. He himself is layers of cross the border to do jobs today.In Old Cui

opinion, he was not for the 15-year-old accounting Hite himself, “She was just

her parents and the team behind a pawn”, he felt that “the battle is far from

over.Contrast, accounted for The Hite far that the outlook remains optimistic,

she will think of a way to go to university.Fiery network world, they have their

own supporters, both within the framework of uncompromising. In the ongoing

controversy, they can not understand each other.(Editor: Qiu Yuming)Original

title: The the Fufeng County Prosecutor’s Office to respond, “free table” event

cadres admonishing remarksXi’an News – Xi’an Evening News Baoji hearing recently,

users post, said: Fufeng County Procuratorate three cadres during travel to Hong

Kong, accompanied by one surnamed Yuan real estate 3 credit card to send a few

thousand dollars worth of watches. Yesterday, the the Fufeng County Prosecutor’s

Office on the matter, responded: “Send Form” Department purchasing local cadres

of three admonishing remarks.Net posts: real estate the three cadres credit card

to buy a tableRecently, a post on the network caused concern and hot. Alleged:

July 20, led by the king, two Deputy Attorney General of 24 people to Hong Kong,

Macau, trip of 7 days. July 26 (after the verification time August 26), led by

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