Liang Huanjiang Deputy Attorney General

the anticorruption Secretary Philip Li,

director of the Office Tang Yufeng responsible for the second batch of 19 went to

Hong Kong, Macau travel itinerary is seven days. A real estate developer YuanMou

squad counterparts. A table shop in Hong Kong by YuanMou, credit card, for in

Liang Huanqiang, Li, Tang Yufeng purchase worth 6600 yuan, 8010 yuan, watches a

8640 Hong Kong dollars to buy a ring of the value of the 4300 Hong Kong dollars

for the wife of Tang Yufeng The hospital and police officers for all to

see.Procuratorate: examine the presence of non-standard problemsThe Fufeng

County’s Procuratorate Muyong Jiang told reporters, go out in the summer of this

year, the official party group snike air max 2009 uk sale   tudy in accordance with the procedures approved

by superiors study tour to the eastern part of learning social management

innovation experience, route, cost, clarity of purpose, spending per 2000 site

selection in the Pearl River Delta nike air max 95 uk for sale region. He admits that in the execution of

inspection activities, the existence of some non-standard problems of circuit

design, entourage.And police officers to buy real estate table the issue, he

said, surnamed Yuan real estate Procuratorate met with scattered groups traveling

comrades. Credit card to buy a table Procuratorate was not with cards, real

estate commercial card first brush, followed by police officers and men have the

money back to the Yuan Mou “sen
cheap nike air max 95 360 shoes  d table does not exist”.The findings: real estate

Shang credit card, money has retiredReacted strongly to the matter, Baoji City

Procuratorate and Fufeng County Commission for Discipline Inspection was informed

immediately involved in the investigation, said individual users reflect the

problem does exist, decided to relevant persons responsible for processing.

Yesterday evening, the the Fufeng County Prosecutor’s Office to the newspaper

sent a note, the three-point formal response to the incident. First, the real

estate developers followers inappropriate. FIT tours, real estate developers

followers, because the trio of the Fufeng County deputy procurator-general Liang

Huanqiang, the anti-corruption Secretary Philip Li, director of the Office Tang

Yufeng, the reason for the exchange of less than HK $ by property developers,

took the credit card, and then also timely to return should pay the money, but

such behavior has aroused the suspicions of others. The training procedures

imperfect. Although approved in the county’s Procuratorate “the eastern line”

learning programs, but the procuratorate in the concrete implementation of the

unauthorized extension of went to visit Hong Kong, Macau, and failure to fulfill

the application and approval procedures. Third, the source of funds is

inappropriate. The funds to go out to study training department and police

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