officers post allowance, the Procuratorate

officers po

 not allowance timely disbursement to

the police officers and men individuals, and for training funds.Disposition:

three cadres admonishing remarksIn view of this, Fufeng County to make the

following decisions: Procuratorate party to make a written examination to the

county; County Commission for Discipline Inspection on Liang Huanqiang and LEE

Wing rights County Procuratorate party Tang Yufeng were admonishing remarks, and

require three people in the hospital and police officers to the General Assembly

on any in-depth review of ; primary leadership responsibilities on the matter,

the county’s Procuratorate Mu Yongqiang comrades severely criticized.(This

article Source: Xi’an Evening Author: Wang Xiaoguang)(Editor: Zhang Jun)Original

title: traffic police squadron leader is freeRecently, Tongguan County traffic

police for any reason will be blocked by a local police station door “rumors

gaining attracted heated debate, and even said that the traffic police captain

and the police station to take the lead in the long” almost to the use of force

“. On the morning of December 13, the reporter went to Tongguan verify learned

arising from either the county traffic police brigade mine squadron the original

squadron commander has been due to interference with the police station, law

enforcement investigatocheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse   rs be removed from office on the evening of the

12th.Masses: more than 10 traffic police three police cars blocking the police

station, according to local people, this year on the evening of December 3, 6:00

or so, because of dissatisfaction with the processing of the Lingbei police

station on one case, when he was the squadron commander Tongguan traffic police

brigade mine Sun Jie transferred to the squadron of three police cars and more

than 10 traffic police, poly Lingbei pnike air max ltd shoes cheap  olice station door, Tongguan County Public

Security Bureau on duty until the next morning, the leaders came to mediation,

these police cars and traffic police to disperse.Quarrel heavily “At that time,

the squadron commander of the the mine traffic police squadron also fight almost

and Lingbei police station director.” The Tongguan County tanarius valley town of

A condition of anonymity, the man said, that night saw more than one police car

parked As for how long to stop do

cheap nike air max classic bw shoes  or Lingbei police station, is less clear.Lingbei

police station is located in the town of Tong Tong Yu Yucun, more than 20

kilometers from the county seat. Tongguan County Public Security Bureau, a duty

that night after the incident, leadership After receiving the report, immediately

rushed to the inside to understand the situation, so no serious impact.Caused the

dispute, one insider said, a few days ago, the local mining squadron of traffic

police on duty, found a car to pay high insurance expired, requiring the owner to

drive the truck back to the team, the other unwilling, took place physical

st allowance, the Procuratorate

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