One of India’s largest circulation English-language

One of India’s largest circulation English-language newspaper
discount air jordan 7 menscolumnist to ask such a question, “Are Indians by nature unhygienic ” (“Do Indians born poor hygiene “)?His answer is one word, “Yes!” This answer annoy some readers.?I took a copy of an article as a BBC reporter, decided to ask the same question to some of my friends.?Bikram (Bikram), the the India emerging generation of affluent middle class, he was the first one to answer questions. After a few seconds staring at the reporter, Bikram replied, “How can you even ask such a stupid question ” (“How do you want them to ask such a stupid question “)?He went on to say, the answer is very simple, “India is not enough toilets.” Many of the people sitting around the table nodded in agreement.?Bikram, then there must be sonike air jordan 8 shoes saleme truth. India Rural Development Minister (Jairam Ramesh) of Ilam · Ramesh said India needs is a toilet, not a temple.?India, almost half of the people have no toilets at home. Ramesh’s remarks caused some protests outside his house. But a few days later, he urged the Indian women, unless the male toilets at home, or do not marry entry.?After finished these words, a silence. Looks a controversy about toilet stop there.?However, housewife Tina want to be able to express their views. She said, “The issue is not the toilet, but the lack of civic awareness.” Tina went on to say, that is, a few hours before she saw a man standing in a public toilet outside urine!?Tina said, “this thing is not uncommon, and disgusting.”?The reporter looked Bikram, hoping that he would say something. He, however, nothing to say, pretend to have to go the emergency telephone. However, I have a friend from Mumbai Lizarazu but shook his head.?Lizarazu asked reporters, “Have you ever been to the Indian public toilets  Inside stink to high heaven. Originally a public toilet not far from our home, and later to the demolitions. Because you simply can not be approached. Leave 50 meters must vomiting. “?Tina is an opening on WENT gate. She said, “That is because of the caste system, we expect people from low castes sweep toilet, are willing to stem this phenomenon does not change, never solve the problem.”?Sitting around Tina’s friends Bi Linka also wish to speak. Her eyes staring at the men sitting around the edge of the table.?Bi Linka said, “Can I ask you guys a question  Why we women has been able to endure to find the toilet but you guys can not do “?Table of men do not dare to answer this question.?On the way home, the reporter saw a man standing on the sidewalk, stand with one leg. Can you guess what he was doing  Reporter asked him, “Why did you not wait until the home or to find a public toilet “?He looked at the reporter, as if watching a madman. And then replied, “This is India sir … this is what we do” (“Sir, this is India, and is convenient.”)The dialogue not distant listen Zhefan the one policeman. The reporter asked the police, why not stop someone anywhere urine ?Police face with a smile, replied, “What is the point ” (“That what’s the use “)?All the way home, these words have been in the news mind roundabout. This attitude, how to solve the problem ?Looked up, in front of a wallair jordan 9 shoes on sale plastered with statues.?Wall statues, no one in here urinate. Perhaps, with respect to the temple for India really need more public toilets.

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