This is a religious belief-ridden countries

However, this is a religious belief-ridden countries, and seems God to intervene, is the man the only way to stop yelling urinate.?A Chinese woman incheap air jordan 10 shoes a shopping center in the state of New Hampshire, the Apple store trying to buy more than one family in China Apple Iphone inform the purchase of two. When she retorted see other customers bought more than one iPhone clerk asked to leave and not allowed accesible (requested a no-trespass order). She do not speak English, the next day to re-enter the store, the clerk immediately alarm. The woman was then arrested by the police. At the time of arrest, the police used a stun gun on her implementation of electric shock, scene screams of people worried. See below English reports:????Nashua, NH, police say they had to use a Taser on a Newton, MA, woman yesterday while trying to arrest her at a mall, an incident that may have been the result of a language barrier. Newton, Mass. Resident Xiaojie Li was arrested Tuesday at the Pheasant Lane Mall inNashua, NH, after she allegedly trespassed at the mall’s Apple Store, New Hampshire’s WMUR reported today. According to the WMUR report, Xiaojie claims she cannot not sair jordan 11 retro for sale peak English and didn’t understand why the Apple Store called the police. Xiaojie told WMUR she was attempting to buy several iPhones for family in China. Apple employees informed her she was limited to just two, but she claims she spotted other customers buying more than two phones. The store then asked Xiaojie to leave and requested a no-trespass order. Xiaojie returned to the store on Tuesday and was asked to leave again. At that point, the store employees called police. A nearby shopper caught video of the Taser incident, which shows police arresting Xiaojie . Viewers can hear the apparent screams from Xiaojie as well as the buzzing of the Taser.?????Taser gun (Taser / distance stun guns) for the weapons used by the U.S. border police, it can launch a bunch of the current people temporarily unable to move, but do not cause life-threatening. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune “(San Diego Union-Tribune) reports, Taser guns are not completely safe.A few years ago, a man before illegal immigrants actually killed were border police use of Taser guns shooting incident triggered strong protest immigration activists. Federal police use of Taser guns immediately set off a discussion of the wave.A case of not being heard by anyone! We are Gaoyou hengjing supply and marketing cooperatives laid-off workers, facade room for our house (original hengjing supply and marketing cooperatives because they owe the Agricultural Bank city loan to pay off the loan by the town party committees and hengjing of supply and marketing cooperatives leadership team agreed to window dressing room in 2006 December to sell us laid-off workers to fend for themselves, then stop all people who enjoy the purchase of a house, the cost of living and social security fees, and a contract for the sale by the legal justice) cheap air jordan 12 retroYangchao You headed a team of the Party Committee of supply and marketing cooperatives provisions: To dismantle our life support room, according to the original price to recover, add a little interest. For that matter, we ran four Gaoyou Bureau for Letters and Calls Bureau for Letters and Calls, three Yangzhou, twice Letters and Visits Office of Jiangsu Province, reaction of our demands, so far to no avail.

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