Wang Jing town party secretary Yang Zhaoyou

Wang Jing town party secretary Yang Zhaoyou, signcheap air jordan 13 retro and return the purchase agreement, do not want to negotiate with us forced removal of the facade in front of the house a few days the afternoon of December 5, the town party secretary Yang Chaoyou assigned Lian Shan Yao with the letter, Zhu Yuling Wang Zhongyuan talk of a money grounds The gang of a dozen officers, forced him to sign and return the purchase agreement, he (Wang Zhongyuan) did not agree, they threaten, intimidate, pushing people and other means, injuring the soft tissue of the king Ghost bloody wrist. Wang Zhongyuan customs office Liuge hours, not to the king of Zhongyuan urine, Wang Zhongyuan no way, had the office of urine out, they more than a dozen individuals forced Wang Zhongyuan the urine to drink a, Wang Zhongyuan called “life-saving” the lasdiscount air jordan 14 retrot to be passers-by heard the king Zhongyuan’s called The sound before Wang Zhongyuan release, they limit Zhongyuan Wang freedom of life, threatening the lives and safety of the king Zhongyuan Do Yangchao You (adults) demolitions would use his gang  Yangchao You people have party discipline it  Then a few days to call everyday intimidation signed in the case there is no way back to the purchase agreement called the morning of December 8, Wang Jing town government, the National People’s Congress Chairman Yao Yiping Agricultural Center Director Zhao Mei Village brought the letter to the homeowner Xu Jianlin said that today you do not to sign and return the purchase agreement will not regret it then Sure to afternoon than 20 areas of society (the demolition company staff) Xu Jianlin door told him to sign and return the purchase agreement, they claimed the company demolition personnel. We ask them to produce relevant documents or power of attorney. They said there was no band. Their chests hung with work permits, work permits only “work permit” the three characters, the other nothing!God, we are daily in panic anxiety, we really do not understand that, in the end there is no place sensible place! ! ! ! ! !Understanding cattle her mother for many years. Which, in my mind, she has been a Taishan collapse in top and Mianbugaise the heart does not jump very calm person. I remember when I Mavericks 42, roll on the road in order to please her a hug unsuccessful when she laid hold of my arm, slowly pace it on his back toward her, tears calf cross-flow around said:Take your time to cry, let’s go home. Cry, and quickly to keep up with ah!I most look shall a child crying, to go back several times to hold the Mavericks, cow her mother only touch with the eye the wind swept me a few, I’ll only be ruthless with her slowly forward. Then, to her, in addition to resentment, more layer of deep respect. So cool! This if for my family to celebrate teacher, the ground casually picked up a stick, will be able to pass storm flat. Cow her mother, did not even speakcheap air jordan 2012 louder. I share admired Oh …?Cow her mother this very calm and maintained for many years.

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