Real estate reporter recruits seven

 “Real estate reporter recruits seven weekdayair jordan xi cheap online s to Kanlou foot plate is commonplace, the Zero experience in this trade as a first-line sales staff and friendly faces, there are still new discoveries and insights.Reporters do the sales staff schedule.Reporter eyeDo a sales staff, selling properties before the first “sell themselves”: not only wearing the conversation you want to do a good job packing, but also quickly wear off your character caltrop.Been doing this, “hidden rules”, “are not used to, it is essential, but to make money, learn the strategy is benevolent. In theory, you can house Maihao can Maihao everything in this industry unique ecological environment determines the height of the performance of the sales staff is the entire sales industry.However, no one will put these as the glory is the ultimate manipulator of all the rules of the game, standing behind them, developers.Selling properties, the first thing is to “sell yourself”Sell ??insurance in selling properties, this line, with a common feature is the first line of very important work first thing in the mirror, finishing instrument. Sales Mr. suits the standard sales lady wearing slightly casually Some, but makeup selling propertieair jordan 12 shoes for sale s, obviously non-mainstream acts. If your dress is really enough “low-key”, even if your colleagues do not remind you that your customers will soon remind you with his eyes.Today’s real estate sales, unlike the early years as get a size chart and price list you can conquer the world, and when necessary, ipad can also charge and charge the facade of good weapons. Selling properties in order to experience the reporter deliberately put a suit, but the pale wash jeans, casual shoes and slightly dust has betrayed me. Seems, selling properties, the first thing is not to sell the house, but sell their “sell yourself.At 9:30 am, Kanlou off more gradually up. “Most of today’s intentions were previously off customers, so the opportunity to deal big.” Sales do student teachers assigned to reporters Chen finish morning on the phone with customers to see if I can CALL can not come to some regular customers. He graduated only four years, but also aging and much more than the work of the seven reporters look.”I did not eat pork, not seen pig run it ” See Chen swamped, reporters volunteered the weekdays to Kanlou tread plate as the order of the day of the shoulder Front Daren But reporters soon experience easier said the difficult truth. “You are the master bedroom in the end of a few square meters  Wall I can knock down  I do not like the toilet, you can cross in front of the building I replaced squatting ” Family rushes like a torrent throw all kinds of problems, to rush into battle, a lack of understanding of the real estate and apartment details below reporter hesitated almost anxious sweating profusely, the night before thought the rhetoricair jordan 13 baketball shoes for sale all night long been forgotten, Kanlou a people can not help but the eyes cast doubt told reporters.

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