test of the combination of Chinese and Western marriage

 “World News” reported, the Western in different month sub-culture “, the first hurdle of the test of the combination of Chinese and Western marriage. air jordan v basketball shoes for sale Part of married mother of Chinese American daughter-in-law, thus falling knot. But there are also a lot of cross-ethnic families and American couples, the East Fang Yuezai culture tends to accept.Chinese Mrs. Cheng months ago from Shanghai to fly to Los Angeles, his daughter while studying at the University of Southern California, and the American husband to get to know, last year gave birth to a lovely half-breed sub. Mrs. Cheng originally want to catch the daughter before the production period, the United States, to take care of the production, the visa process was very complicated not make the trip in a timely manner. Hear the daughter of the phone said, giving birth the next day began on the restoration of a bath, drink, medicine are ice water before and after the birth of a child, her mother a few times to visit the grandchildren, cooking, cleaning, air jordan vi basketball shoes on sale feeding the children, housework still borne by his daughter.Mrs. Cheng asked her daughter many times, to hire Chinese Yuesao Why not local. She went to the United States, her daughter was admitted to her that the original really want to please Yuesao. American husband that compliance with doctors’ instructions, add more milk, eggs, vegetables, maternity avoid severe physical activity, to suspend the movement of more rest, everything is OK, do not have to “weird food, drug tonic.Her daughter eventually accommodate her husband, the relationship between husband and wife, as always, but to talk about this matter, or bear a grudge. Mrs. Cheng distressed daughter at the same time, also the son-in-law of the United States lack considerate, very unhappy. “Chinese people, unlike the Americans from snacks cold things, the constitution can not be compared to them, they should take care of people’s health habits since married a Chinese wife, otherwise how to do down the root cause “Shaanxi repair wife daughter married into the family of the United States, but never once experienced the impact of confinement, leaving her to feel the cultural barriers, some differences are not the feelings deep will be able to overcome some of the problems, not to appear when you do not realize that in fact, is a big problem. ” Mouth on a honey, darling “son-in-law, and one to spend a few thousand dollars a month, please Yuesao to take care of hisair jordan vii shoes on sale wife, shaking his head again and again.Repair the wife is very angry, “lifetime so once or twice, you can not take physical joke,

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