Russia to sell AIP submarines to pull the Russian-Chinese trade

Russia to sell AIP submarines to pull the Russian-Chinese trade, Beijing nike air max 95 360 mens on sale should counteroffer December 28, 2012, Russian arms dealers to disclose, Russia and China to jointly design and Amur -1650 “fourth-generation conventional submarines framework contract to build four 2012 8 signed by the end of the contract worth about $ 2 billion (Russia and the construction of two). Presumably, the parts manufactured by the Chinese in the final product does not exceed 30%. This the AIP submarines final contract will be signed in 2015. Russian military preparedness experts Piyatushi gold, in addition to Russia, China to acquire advanced technology from other countries can not. See Pola Hu Lao Maozi Beijing or the countenance of a teachers’ Lord, how the Chinese authorities can not turn grief into strength and self-reliance work hard  ! The Russian experts Piyatushi boasted, the biggest feature of the Amur class submarines is AIP power plant, it’s a smaller noise lurk underwater longer hidden better this submarine. The Chinese media has said that the AIP engine made in China Yuan-class submarines equipped with Chinese characteristics, the advantages of the Soviet submarine the alloy hull material and welding technology, and by 9-axis CNC machining Aescin highly skewed propeller. In addition, sonar, underwater communications and electrical equipment, the PLA level of R & D is to catch up and has a leading position in a number of ways. Otherwise eyes above the top Guolao how Ken admitted that the “Amur -1650 Russian arms dealer” fourth-generation conventional snike air max ltd mens on sale ubmarines designed jointly by Russia and China  Shit submarine “Amur”  Obviously Heilongjiang Chinese nation! Allegedly: Russian Amur class submarines 1650. Captain 66.8 meters wide and 7 meters, surface displacement of 1,675 tons submerged displacement of 2800 tons, maximum depth 300 m underwater maximum speed of 21, cruising range of 6,000 nautical miles, the underwater cruise 650 nautical miles, holding force 45 days, the boat staffing 35. Amur 1650 submarine is equipped with short-range SS-N-15 submersible submarine missiles by the “Club-S” missile system launch of 3M54E of anti-ship cruise missile range of 200 km, the “needle” type light the latent air missiles, as well as various types of state-of-the-art mines (can carry up to 30). Chinese media that the submarine will join the People’s Liberation Army aircraft carrier battle groups, not knowing the Amur 1650 submarine maximum speed of only 21 underwater cruise only 7, how to keep up with two dozen thirty aircraft carrier  Sit back and wait is the Amur 1650 submarine housekeeping skills. Amur 1650 submarines selling point is to streamline personnel, submarine underwater displacement of 2800 tons, crew preparation of only 35 people, we can see the impressive degree of automation. Japanese Chunchao class submarine displacement of 2860 tons, the crew, the preparation of more than 70 people, and but also Biemuer magnitude less an AIP power systems. Revealed that Russia and China jointly design and construction of four Amur Russian marketing AIP submarines to pull the Russian-Chinese trade, Beijing should counteroffer December 28, 2012 Russian arms dealer to disclose, Russia and China to jointly design and construction of four Amur -1650 ” four generations of conventional subnike air max 2012 mens on sale  marines framework contract signed by the end of August 2012, a contract worth about $ 2 billion (Russia and the construction of the two). Presumably,

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