Russian to sell fewer Director General AIP

Russian to sell fewer Director General AIP person touches revolutionary tradition of hard work by the Chinese army. The United States, “Strategy Page” website article “quietly leave there, very quiet, and that China plans to exclude the U.S. Navcheap nike air max tn shoes  y in its exclusive economic zone beyond working to develop a world-class nuclear submarines, Our efforts to build a world-class diesel- electric conventional submarines. The so-called world-class should be referring to the AIP power systems. Razov said, Russia’s ambassador to China, Russia and the bilateral trade volume is expected to reach $ 90 billion this year. Russia and investment between the two countries increased, but not in line with the actual economic potential of the two countries also need to strengthen cooperation in this regard. Russian military preparedness experts Yatu Shi Jin said: “complex in imitation parts failed to succeed, such as fighter engine. Sino-Russian arms trade being discussed a few strokes, in addition to the Amur class diesel-electric submarines, as well as S -400 anti-aircraft missiles, the Su-35 fighters and Il-76 military transport aircraft. Putin ready to mercilessly knock a few strokes bamboo bar in Beijing. submarine pulling Russia trade should counter-offer


Russia to sell AIP submarines to pull the Russian-Chinese trade, Beijing should counteroffer December 28, 2012, Russian arms dealers to discnike air max 24/7 shoes cheap  lose, Russia and China to jointly design and Amur -1650 “fourth-generation conventional submarines framework contract to build four 2012 8 signed by the end of the contract worth about $ 2 billion (Russia and the construction of two). Presumably, the parts manufactured by the Chinese in the final product does not exceed 30%. This the AIP submarines final contract will be signed in 2015. Russian military preparedness experts Piyatushi gold, in addition to Russia, China to acquire advanced technology from other countries can not. See Pola Hu Lao Maozi Beijing or the countenance of a teachers’ Lord, how the Chinese authorities can not turn grief into strength and self-reliance work hard  ! The Russian experts Piyatushi boasted, the biggest feature of the Amur class submarines is AIP power plant, it’s a smaller noise lurk underwater longer hidden better this submarine. The Chinese media has said that the AIP engine made in China Yuan-class submarines equipped with Chinese characteristics, the advantages of the Soviet submarine the alloy hull material and welding technology, and by 9-axis CNC machining Aescin highly skewed propeller. In addition, sonar, underwater communications and electrical equipment, the PLA level of R & D is to catch up and has a leading position in a number of ways. Otherwise, the eye above the top Guolao how willing cheap nike air max 1 shoes  to recognize the “Amur -1650

December 28, 2012

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