The Japanese ships and aircraft shall immediately

The Japanese ships and aircraft shall immediately leave the Chinese territorial waters and airspace, not on cheap the north face jakckets uk

Chinese ships and aircraft to any interference.
In yesterday’s Ministry of foreign affairs meeting, according to a reporter asked ” Japan dispatched emergency F15 fighter interceptor flew over the Diaoyu Islands

Chinese maritime surveillance aircraft, ” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said, the Diaoyu Islands are China ‘s inherent territory. China Sea planes in the

Diaoyu Island airspace flight is completely normal. China demands Japan stop in the Diaoyu Islands waters, airspace and illegal activities.
The Japanese move
Japan 8 F-15 aircraft lift-off
Japan says the plane for the first time in China since 1958, ” Japanese airspace ”
According to Japanese media reports, as a response to fly into the Diaoyu Islands Chinese airspace aircraft, the Japanese Ministrycheap north face new arrival 2012 uk of defense command Air Self-Defense

Force Naha base 8 F-15 fighter and a ” E2C ” early warning aircraft scrambled to deal with. Ministry of Defense says, since 1958 since the events of China Statistical

violation of airspace, aircraft for the first time into the ” Japanese airspace “.
Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary rattan village builds, Coast Guard patrol boat in 13 days morning eleven six confirmed China Aircraft entered the airspace of Diaoyu

islands. Fujimura Shu said ” this matter extremely sorry, for a violation of its sovereignty will resolutely respond “.
The Japanese Self-Defense Force Integration chief of staff ( chief of staff ) Iwasaki Shige of the Japanese media said, self-defense radar ” in Japan the surrounding

airspace warning, surveillance, but unfortunately failed to catch ( information ), airspace violations “.
Japanese Prime Minister Noda Kahiko has instructed the relevant departments of the government, ” maintain a high degree of tension, strengthens the security monitoring

NHK television reports, Japan Coast Guard vessels found Chinese aircraft, once through wireless send a ” warning “, requirement China aircraft flying island from the

airspace, said ” you have entered Japan, please leave quickly “. In this regard, China aircraft made in response to stress, ” here is China’s airspace “.
The Diaoyu Islands waters to perform tasks in the China Sea B-3837 aircraft, is subordinate to the China Sea East China Sea aviation detachment of the Y-12 type fixed

wing aircraft China Marine surveillance. The machine adopts double, monoplane, shear wing, O and fixed landing gear before three the overall layout, and equipped with

photoelectric platform, IR UV scanner, imaging spectrometer and a “fish-eye” forensics window and other advanced monitoring of airborne equipment. Y-12 ( 12 ) is cheap north face 3in 1 uk

China’s Harbin aircraft manufacturing company developed light twin multi-purpose aircraft.

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