Yesterday is the 75 anniversary of the Nanjing massacre

Yesterday is the 75 anniversary of the Nanjing massacre. ” I wish first to 75 years ago in the Nanjing massacre victims expressed deep condolencescheap north face apex bionic uk ” Hong Lei points

out, the Nanjing massacre of Japanese militarism in the war of invading China committed a great sin, irrefutable evidence, the international community has long been

” China has always advocated taking history as a mirror, facing the future, on the basis of the development of Sino-Japanese relationship. ” Hong Lei said.
What is the meaning of maritime surveillance aircraft and cruise
On the Diaoyu Island management into ” duty type ”
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China experts Wang Xiaopeng yesterday
The newspaper reporters, maritime surveillance aircraft and first in the Diaoyu Island Cruise law enforcement, is our country on the Diaoyu Islands normalization duty

cruise the continuity and expansion of.
What is the normal duty cruise? Wang Xiaopeng explained that, in the past one-way cruise, ” marine rights and interests where tour where”, such as the Diaoyu Islands

are uninhabited islands, ocean rights and interests more reflected in the fishery resources, the fishermen over fishing, sea, fishing boats followed to protect
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fishermen; and on the cruise is ” where is the boat, rights and interests where, to confirm that this is our territorial waters “.
According to his analysis, Japan called ” nationalization ” of the Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands since, Chinese management model from a single cruise to unattended

cruise change, according to the Diaoyu Islands normalization duty cruise has been formed, the basic realization of marine bureau puts forward ” two high ” target,

namely full coverage, all-weather, high frequency of all sea going on a cruise.
Wang Xiaopeng thinks, our country in the future to promote maritime power of the pace will be more solid, further development of ocean resources, in addition to the

traditional fishery resources, including oil exploitation, utilization of combustible ice.
Power comparison between China and Japan in what change
Chinese official steering sea-sky three-dimensional rightscheap north face denali fleece womens uk
Wang Xiaopeng thinks, enhance marine law enforcement power, is currently China breakthrough

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