But the snow gave has recently encountered strong

But the snow gave has recently encountered strong snowfallcheap north face denali hoodie uk in North Xinjiang brings disaster. The reporter learned from Nilka County, the previous heavy snow caused

the Ministry plugging two days ago just to clear, and now all blocked by snow mountain snow, generally have more than 60 cm, cattle foraged more difficult.
China a maritime surveillance aircraft and airspace yesterday morning into the Diaoyu Islands, and China ocean surveillance ship form first sea with Diaoyu Island

cruise. This is China this year to strengthen the maintenance of the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands is another important advance.
However, Japan Air Self-Defense Force was dispatched 9 aircraft on the implementation of the China Sea planes ” intercept “. The two sides did not direct

confrontation, but Japan shows quite a tough attitude, display to the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands Dispute in China continue to pressure head of a brutal.
We think, since this year the Diaoyu Islands due to provoke Japan worsening situation, the response to resolutely, fundamentally reverse the Diaoyu Islands waters

sovereignty dispute situation. In the past the Japanese coast guard ships deployed around the Diaoyu Islands, and this is called the ” actual control of Japan on the cheap north face down jakcets uk

Diaoyu island “. China is only occasionally civil Diaoyu Islands boat enters the Diaoyu islands within 12 nautical miles, and was always the Japanese.
Now the situation was completely broken, the Chinese ships have been normalized within 12 nautical miles from the Diaoyu Islands of Japan on the Diaoyu Island sea

area, the so-called ” actual control ” ceased to exist. On vessels formed a mutual displacement of the potential, the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands dispute

enters new stage.
China yesterday for the first time. Maritime surveillance aircraft and airspace into the Diaoyu Islands, Japanese military to ” intercept “, both the gain and loss of

more complex. China from the sea to Sea joint law enforcement law enforcement the significant progress, it is pronounced ” “. However, the Japanese military prepared 9

frame, show its advantages and defend the so-called ” Senkaku Islands ” determination, also cannot say ” “.
Overall, China cast off the past completely passive, the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands Dispute garnered considerable initiative. But yesterday’s case also

indicates that defend the Diaoyu Islands, the cause of a long journey ahead, we still have a lot of challenges.
Japan yesterday ” intercept ” very arrogant. The Japanese military aircraft for maritime surveillance aircraft to China, in the nature of inequality, is on the upgrade

of provocation. Japan has said it would avoid the Diaoyu Islands the deterioration of the situation, is willing to work with China to resolve the friction of peace,

and the Japanese military issued yesterday 9 frame is diametrically opposite signal.
Yesterday was the Diaoyu Island aerial cruise began, China is necessary to speed up the action, so that the Diaoyu Islands airspace cruise normalization. China needs a

stern warning Japan not military ” intercept ” our sea planes, if Japan insisted on doing so, China must upgrade our actions, sent to the Diaoyu Islands Chinese

fighter airspace, and retain the right to take all actions.
If the Diaoyu Islands airspace eventually appeared in Japan fighter to
cheap north face down vest jackets fighter mutual ” intercept ” situation, it will be better than the ships at sea. ” Drive away ”

are much more dangerous.

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