We are talking about the

We are talking about the

house, what problem can talk together, the beginning ischeap the nroth face gore tex uk my crush on him, the sense of my husband is a kind of not good at speech, but very cute big indoorsman,

sometimes we can from a night game, music, from music to life, from life to the comics, from comic the animation, in short, we have alleged that do not share a common

language, our interest is like, two people can get free one night multiplayer, online team. At our house that circle many boys turns me on, I think this is very

uncommon indoorswoman. But I have one one refused, because I is this lovely large indoorsman look back at me.
We were married, I knew when I married he is not wealthy family, home because when he was young has had several changes, have rich family is in a complete mess, but

because early is the juniors of high-ranking officials of the family, the husband has a very good family education and fluent without accent Mandarin, man also very

sincere and honest. Because of his family ‘s sake degree is not high, but the social experience is very deep, very stable, without our coastal areas that male spoiled.
When we get married, they have real, three people in a 50 square metres Yishiyiting, mother very long time did not go out to work, Dad hard at work. My parents

protested, they worry that I used to live a poor life, because they are poor. Now, although the family well, but do not want to let us recommit the same error.cheap kids classic jackets
Above Lori often said so much, many people think that I am very happy, husband is very good, after all, the woman finally down to the family, no matter you have much

scene. But our contradiction from the wedding before the beginning of the.
From the city of Beijing major office was informed that, at present 4 new lines are in accordance with the train operation diagram of load test run. By the end of this

month will be opened 4 new lines include first stage of line 6, line 10 phase two, No. 8 and No. 9 line south of the northern section of line. By then, Beijing city

orbit traffic mileage will reach 441.8 km, more than the Shanghai subway, ranked first in the country.
The end of Beijing has opened four railroad is a good thing, may let more people travel near convenient, traffic jam is not afraid of rain. However, here I am to pay

attention to the details of a toilet, in the subway. Beijing subway platform arranged in a crisscross pattern, rough numbers while, how to break through 100. A new

line of each platform was built toilet. To say that the bathroom environment is getting better and better, not only clean than before, and the allocation of a toilet

paper, sometimes dryer and washing liquid. Here about the toilet paper, I went to a line, two ring road and Batongxian many platform, has also recently been line

Yizhuang Tongji Road subway station, have toilet, and cleaning staff. Toilet paper is replaced very tight, went a few times, rolls of paper are. Don’t look down on

this matter, it is these details to those who can provide people a convenient. If you catch it without paper, those who run abdomen have loose bowels will much

But you have not found, the subway with toilet paper, much less spitting, insanitary. Some of the passengers have no paper, together with the autumn two season of cold
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and cough a lot, often accidental a phlegm up and without paper, couldn’t find the garbage bin or was so far away that spitting.

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