is almost 20 times of the standard Wuliangye


Ministry of health 551 letters ( plasticizer DBP, DEHP maximum residues were 0.3mg/kg, 1.5mg/kg ) for reference, Moutai Chinese saucecheap north face windstopper uk jackets 51 degrees DBP content 6.37mg/L,

is almost 20 times of the standard Wuliangye; 52 degrees, 52 degrees, 52 degrees 1618 the Yanghe River Wuliangye Dream Blue DBP content is more than 3mg/L, is the

standard about 10 times.
According to the report, Moutai brothers brand also spared, 53 degrees wine and wine cellar for up to 1988 of the gold content of DBP is about 0.5mg/L and 0.7mg/L.
With the previous complaints Moutai plasticizer exceed the standard investor ” Crystal King” different, to industrial account is a snowball network certification

official account. But in the release of the 11 group report, also covered the detection institution name, only to reveal the detection mechanism under the Beijing

Municipal Science and technology research institute.
Data shows, to industrial was founded in 2003 April, is engaged in basic research of the mechanism of listing Corporation. Yesterday, reporters call the company to

understand the submission of motivation for many times, its office phone unmanned all the time receive.the north face mens utra jackets uk
” What can the wine enterprises ”
For industrial inspection can result, reporter yesterday to call Wuliangye, the Yanghe River and other enterprises, a few enterprises are known to express all this

matter, on their own products with confidence, but because has not confirmed the report authenticity, so for the time being not to make too many comments. Hope that

the relevant departments on the incident of open and transparent communication with the public, released as soon as the official real survey results, so that this

confusion early termination.
” Plasticizer storm lasted for more than 20 days, all kinds of chaos, the true is very difficult to judge, and the official has not issued this open and transparent

investigation of speech. ” Yesterday a reluctant to open the liquor business relevant responsible person said, ” at this stage, the wine enterprises no matter what is

feeble, hope that this incident as soon as possible, make liquor industry healthy and orderly development. ”
Yesterday, a white wine of senior industry sources, liquor plasticizer disturbance broke out, more than the national testing agencies recently received a national

quality inspection administration “ban. “, requiring a testing institution to accept suspension media and personal inspection. Last night the reporter fails to make

contact with national quality inspection administration. Journalists asked some testing agencies, the answer is ” not clear “, ” don’t know “.
Plasticizer storm spread
November 19th twenty-first Century reportthe north face gore tex mens jackets online disclosed liquor ” plasticizer exceed the standard “, the 50 degrees of wine in dibutyl phthalate ( DBP ) content is


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