This gave the liquor industry a heavy blow

This gave the liquor industry a heavy blow test report oncheap nike kobe 6 earth from which detection mechanism? ” Crystal King” has not publicly. Investors have said, ” even the

detection mechanism is what all don’t know, how to judge its authority? ”
” Crystal King” who is
Not only that, ” Crystal King” who, individual or team, date unknown.
Since the ” Crystal King” in the snowball network release censored Moutai news, reporter discovery, micro-blog, QQ and a variety of network channels appear much named

” Crystal King ” the netizen.
This month 7 days to 9 days, the reporter through the micro-blog for contacting a ” Crystal King”, a reporter asked him whether it is in a snowball network release

Moutai plasticizer detection “Crystal King”, it did not deny. A few days later, reporter discovery, published reviews began to criticize the ” Crystal King”, and ”

Crystal King ” of the network made a change.
The day before yesterday, the online Puchu ” Crystal King” QQ chat records releases, there are users that their bad Moutai network private. Allegedly, Zhai Jingyong
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blog in Sina blog is disclosed in its ” Crystal King” chat records, show Zhai Jingyong is one was ” Crystal King” to help its diffusion message object.
” Crystal King” in the snowball network personal home page said, have no QQ, but do not know UC.
Liquor “submission tide ”
Last month the exposure of Jiugui Liquor plasticizer storm began in twenty-first Century net. Moutai plasticizer storm began in the ” Crystal King “. Investment

advisory body to Societe Generale yesterday released test report, Wuliangye, the Yanghe River and many other brands of liquor plasticizer all exceed the standard.
Yesterday, a liquor company relevant responsible person said, more private censorship is not truth is clear, will only make the situation more complex disorder, the

most authoritative still need relevant state departments timely stand out, incident thereon to the public an open and transparent investigation and interpretation, but

also to let the entire liquor industry ended in chaos.
The Beijing News reporter Li Jing
The related
On the implications of Moutai plastic investors for up to 4 days to earn 20000000
New capital signs up for dispatch ( reporter Wu Min ) although Moutai clarify plasticizer do not exceed the standard, but its share price in the near future still

remains in the doldrums. In this storm, Kweichow Moutai short sales balance in December has continued to nike zoom lebron 6
Trading smaller

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