December 4th, market participants short

December 4th, market participants short sales Moutai margin fell to the recent lows, was closed after only 390000 strands, Moutai short salescheap nike air max lebron 8 volume; 12, short sales

Moutai margin reached 536000 shares.
During this period, short sales correspond to the value 76000000 yuan from 113000000 yuan to increase, investors bearish Moutai displayed the bearish sentiment

increased Moutai shares.
This much smaller network rumors at hundreds of millions of dollars of financed bonds scale. So far the largest securities market day ( 12 days) of only 113000000

At the beginning of the month has profit margin
With the stock price performance, short sales for some to win the opportunity for individual investors may still be feasible way to profit.
Moutai shares fell sharply in December 3rd, this day is the recent bond short selling Moutai greatest day. On the same day with 142000 shares short Moutai shares

profits, according to the calculation of these sales decline, on profit achieves 2250000 yuan.
Commencing from December, December 3rd is Moutai decreases most intense few trading days. If the November 30th hold cheap nike air max lebron 9 short sales Moutai investors ( 434000 shares ),

until the recent share price all Moutai lows in December 6th profits, these investors profit 9460000 yuan.
If the securities loan interest rate 8%, lending the market value of 80000000 yuan Moutai shares, investors should pay actually cost control in 110000 yuan.
In December 6th after the short sales of investors, now possible to losses for most. In addition to yesterday Moutai shares fell 2.91%, the remaining few trading days

the stock rose.
Financing much more space
Securities Limited securities borrowed difficult, but if as rumors to suppress price, then the financing do if there is space?
As of 12, Moutai financing to buy the size of 1040000000 yuan, is almost 10 times of Rongquan sell. But in the financing of this one, financing change more slowly.
From 12 the beginning has, financing to buy the Moutai balance has been maintained at around 1000000000 yuan, which in December 7th reached 1200000000 yuan, the

highest for the near future.
If investors in December 6th December 11th financing to buy more, all over, in December 11th the repayment of finance 216000000 yuan, profit scale is 19480000 yuan,

financing cost about $240000 (at 8% interest rate to calculate ). In the market the most extreme cases, may appear with a group of investors profit nearly 20000000
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cases; if investors greater scale, partial profit, expected profit bigger.

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