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Sohu Health recommended reading:
53 flying Moutai inspection results published: plasticizer cheap nike kevin durant sale exceed the standard 120%
Plasticizer storm again: Liquor from generally containing plasticizers, high-grade liquor content is high, low-grade liquor with low content of. Moutai chairman said

plasticizer this is not a problem, have made public panic, combating liquor industry, damage to the interests of investors, profiting from … …
Ministry of health: plasticizer is a standard are investigating plasticizer events
Yesterday, the wine enterprises and associations are directed at the Ministry of health 551 files for plasticizer limited provisions. To this, the Ministry of Health

Supervision Management Bureau Director Su Zhi said yesterday, the concern of liquor plasticizer disturbance, relevant departments attach great importance, being

carried out survey work.
Moutai will personally product inspection called plasticizer residues in line with national standards
A few days ago, two investors say they bought Kweichow Moutai products sent to the organization, but a two detection results, a claim to 53 degrees flying Moutai
nike air foamposites 2012
exceed the standard about 1.4 times, another is called without plasticizer.
The State Council released the 2013 holidays has caused wide public concern. Yesterday, lawyers said Han Fuzheng, part of which is arranged to cause a week off-duty

workers work 7 days in a row, with the labor law and other laws and regulations, conflict, and it has formed a working, living habits and coordination. Yesterday, he

petitioned the general office of the State Council, proposed to be modified.
7 days a week even suspected of violating the law
Han Fuzheng said, according to the ” Office of the State Council on 2013 part of the holiday notice ” arrangement, in 2013 many workers will face 1 work 8 days in a

row, 3 consecutive 7 day special cases.
Han Fuzheng points out, our country labor law the thirty-eighth regulation, ” employers should ensure workers a weekly day of rest at least “. ” Provisions of the

State Council on working ” the provisions of article third, ” workers work 8 hours a day, 40 hours of work per week “.
He thinks, according to the specific provisions, general workers work 5 days a week, under special circumstances the employer must ensure that employees at least once

a week and 24 hours of uninterrupted rest.
” According to ‘ notice ‘ arrangement, new year’s day work 8 days in a row, after the Spring Festival for 7 consecutive days. The 8 and 7 days are over two weeks, and nike penny hardaway shoes for sale

not in a week in a row, the two holiday arrangements relating to the law of broad and narrow understanding, so we believe that regardless of the whether illegal.

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