However, before the labor day of 7 consecutive

However, before the labor day of 7 consecutive day, the Dragon Boat Festival before the work 7 days in a row, all occurred on Monday to Sunday cheap nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 in a week. ” Han Fuzheng

He thinks that, within a week to 7 days of continuous work, it is obviously the employing units to be suspected of violating labor law situation, workers are thus

deprived of a weekly day of rest at least a statutory right to rest.
Proposals have been couriered to the general office of the State Council
Han Fuzheng points out, although the labor law regulation, the laborer working time can be extended, but it must be the labor law and other laws, regulations

stipulated by the legal situation. ” According to the procedures for the formulation of administrative regulations ” Regulations ” provisions, the general office of

the State Council ‘ notice ‘ does not belong to the category of administrative regulations, nature is not a set extends working hours of labourers in the legal

situation. ”
” Although the holiday arrangements can not make everyone satisfied, but first can be illegal. ” Han Fuzheng thinks, respect from the public perspective, for the

07:56 for read only ” Yomiuri Shimbun ” reported nike zoom hyperfuse 2012 for sale in Japan, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura Shu said this afternoon, Beijing on December 13th at ten six in the

morning, the China Sea, a fixed wing aircraft ” invades Diaoyu Islands Japan “, Japan Air Self-Defense Force fighters scrambled to intercept.
Then scrambled over the Diaoyu islands over the China Sea, intercepting -12 aircraft, may be a Japan Air Self-Defense Force in Naha Okinawa base of the F-15J fighter.

Naha base F-15J membership southwest hybrid aviation regiment 204th air force, known as “the strongest forces F-15 “. In 2011 July, the team also had a F-15J in the

East China Sea.
Japanese media analysis this is not accidental, 12F although it is single to Diaoyu Island, but is not the PLA fighters behind us. Recently the Chinese media are

disclosed for repeatedly attack simulation Island capture exercise content.
The people’s Liberation Army General searches gel under the army aviation four regiment is drilling activity action simulation Island airborne, simulated landing

island with the Diaoyu Islands are very similar, a radar station and simple apron, from the sea far look very similar and the Diaoyu islands!
Does it indicate that PLA clear warning to Japan, China is beginning to recover the Diaoyu Islands military preparations? You know, army aviation regiment four,

established in 1991, directly under the headquarters of the general staff of the army, army aviation regiment is in sole possession of the fixed wing aircraft units,

including 7 main battle equipment, such as MI17, gazelle.
In fact, the PLA is a move together to recover the Diaoyu Islands preparation! The official news, the East Sea fleet under the six division equipment large Flying
cheap nike air max hyperposite
Leopard fighter, Zhejiang Hangzhou and Yiwu in a huge Flying Leopard forces, sea fertilizer four division in a large number of -30 and the acceleration of su.

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