Nanjing military region, Anqing ten division

Nanjing military region, Anqing ten division, is the military heavy forces, the bomber force that has been equipped the detonation -6K, cheap nike air max flyposite shoes this force has drill offshore

remote bombing raid missile attacking, Japan’s defence ministry is also disclosed, Chinese pilots, including six, often go fishing over the island cruise, and action ”

savage “!
Chinese Embassy in Japan charge d’affaires Han Zhiqiang expresses 13 days, the Chinese ships and sea planes in China’s own territorial waters and airspace normal

official cruise, Japan has no right to make carping comments on, the Chinese side does not accept the Japanese representations.
In December 13th, the Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister River week ‘s charge d’affaires in China meets Han Zhiqiang, four navy ships into the Diaoyu Island 12 nautical

miles and sea planes into the Diaoyu Island airspace representations.
Han Zhiqiang reiterated the Chinese on the Diaoyu Islands issue the solemn position, emphasize the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, waters and airspace is China

‘s territorial waters and airspace, the Chinese ships and sea planes in China’s own territorial waters and airspace normal official cruise, Japan has no right to say

that three four, China does not accept Japan adizero crazy light shoes The Japanese ships and aircraft shall immediately leave the Chinese territorial waters and airspace, not

on Chinese ships and aircraft to any interference.
With the military balance to the people’s Liberation Army PLA tilt, dashed the Diaoyu Islands point the day and await for it!
Chinese maritime sovereignty issues increasingly intensified, with the United States to return to Asia strategy of advancing, while also increasing the contradictions

of China and its neighboring countries. Vietnam, the Philippines is now increasingly tough attitude in the South China Sea issue. And Vietnam, the friction between

China and the Philippines continued escalation of the conflict surrounding sovereignty; Japan intentionally as a sovereign right to rule the Diaoyu Islands will,

wishing the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, as a basis for further misappropriation of the East China Sea interests, resulting in a legal fait accompli. China’s sea

power crisis seems never so concentrated. The South China Sea, East China Sea, the various crises come and go, and even mutual superposition, the complexity of the

problem, the contradiction of deep processing of difficult, can be said to be added. Eighteen large after China continue “keeping a low profile, the sea power dispute
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or to take tough measures to deal with much outside attention.

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