Nanjing military region, Anqing ten division

Nanjing military region, Anqing ten division, is the military heavy forces, the bomber force that has been equipped the detonation -6K, cheap nike air max flyposite shoes this force has drill offshore

remote bombing raid missile attacking, Japan’s defence ministry is also disclosed, Chinese pilots, including six, often go fishing over the island cruise, and action ”

savage “!
Chinese Embassy in Japan charge d’affaires Han Zhiqiang expresses 13 days, the Chinese ships and sea planes in China’s own territorial waters and airspace normal

official cruise, Japan has no right to make carping comments on, the Chinese side does not accept the Japanese representations.
In December 13th, the Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister River week ‘s charge d’affaires in China meets Han Zhiqiang, four navy ships into the Diaoyu Island 12 nautical

miles and sea planes into the Diaoyu Island airspace representations.
Han Zhiqiang reiterated the Chinese on the Diaoyu Islands issue the solemn position, emphasize the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, waters and airspace is China

‘s territorial waters and airspace, the Chinese ships and sea planes in China’s own territorial waters and airspace normal official cruise, Japan has no right to say

that three four, China does not accept Japan adizero crazy light shoes The Japanese ships and aircraft shall immediately leave the Chinese territorial waters and airspace, not

on Chinese ships and aircraft to any interference.
With the military balance to the people’s Liberation Army PLA tilt, dashed the Diaoyu Islands point the day and await for it!
Chinese maritime sovereignty issues increasingly intensified, with the United States to return to Asia strategy of advancing, while also increasing the contradictions

of China and its neighboring countries. Vietnam, the Philippines is now increasingly tough attitude in the South China Sea issue. And Vietnam, the friction between

China and the Philippines continued escalation of the conflict surrounding sovereignty; Japan intentionally as a sovereign right to rule the Diaoyu Islands will,

wishing the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, as a basis for further misappropriation of the East China Sea interests, resulting in a legal fait accompli. China’s sea

power crisis seems never so concentrated. The South China Sea, East China Sea, the various crises come and go, and even mutual superposition, the complexity of the

problem, the contradiction of deep processing of difficult, can be said to be added. Eighteen large after China continue “keeping a low profile, the sea power dispute
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or to take tough measures to deal with much outside attention.

However, before the labor day of 7 consecutive

However, before the labor day of 7 consecutive day, the Dragon Boat Festival before the work 7 days in a row, all occurred on Monday to Sunday cheap nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 in a week. ” Han Fuzheng

He thinks that, within a week to 7 days of continuous work, it is obviously the employing units to be suspected of violating labor law situation, workers are thus

deprived of a weekly day of rest at least a statutory right to rest.
Proposals have been couriered to the general office of the State Council
Han Fuzheng points out, although the labor law regulation, the laborer working time can be extended, but it must be the labor law and other laws, regulations

stipulated by the legal situation. ” According to the procedures for the formulation of administrative regulations ” Regulations ” provisions, the general office of

the State Council ‘ notice ‘ does not belong to the category of administrative regulations, nature is not a set extends working hours of labourers in the legal

situation. ”
” Although the holiday arrangements can not make everyone satisfied, but first can be illegal. ” Han Fuzheng thinks, respect from the public perspective, for the

07:56 for read only ” Yomiuri Shimbun ” reported nike zoom hyperfuse 2012 for sale in Japan, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura Shu said this afternoon, Beijing on December 13th at ten six in the

morning, the China Sea, a fixed wing aircraft ” invades Diaoyu Islands Japan “, Japan Air Self-Defense Force fighters scrambled to intercept.
Then scrambled over the Diaoyu islands over the China Sea, intercepting -12 aircraft, may be a Japan Air Self-Defense Force in Naha Okinawa base of the F-15J fighter.

Naha base F-15J membership southwest hybrid aviation regiment 204th air force, known as “the strongest forces F-15 “. In 2011 July, the team also had a F-15J in the

East China Sea.
Japanese media analysis this is not accidental, 12F although it is single to Diaoyu Island, but is not the PLA fighters behind us. Recently the Chinese media are

disclosed for repeatedly attack simulation Island capture exercise content.
The people’s Liberation Army General searches gel under the army aviation four regiment is drilling activity action simulation Island airborne, simulated landing

island with the Diaoyu Islands are very similar, a radar station and simple apron, from the sea far look very similar and the Diaoyu islands!
Does it indicate that PLA clear warning to Japan, China is beginning to recover the Diaoyu Islands military preparations? You know, army aviation regiment four,

established in 1991, directly under the headquarters of the general staff of the army, army aviation regiment is in sole possession of the fixed wing aircraft units,

including 7 main battle equipment, such as MI17, gazelle.
In fact, the PLA is a move together to recover the Diaoyu Islands preparation! The official news, the East Sea fleet under the six division equipment large Flying
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Leopard fighter, Zhejiang Hangzhou and Yiwu in a huge Flying Leopard forces, sea fertilizer four division in a large number of -30 and the acceleration of su.

Sohu Health recommended reading

Sohu Health recommended reading:
53 flying Moutai inspection results published: plasticizer cheap nike kevin durant sale exceed the standard 120%
Plasticizer storm again: Liquor from generally containing plasticizers, high-grade liquor content is high, low-grade liquor with low content of. Moutai chairman said

plasticizer this is not a problem, have made public panic, combating liquor industry, damage to the interests of investors, profiting from … …
Ministry of health: plasticizer is a standard are investigating plasticizer events
Yesterday, the wine enterprises and associations are directed at the Ministry of health 551 files for plasticizer limited provisions. To this, the Ministry of Health

Supervision Management Bureau Director Su Zhi said yesterday, the concern of liquor plasticizer disturbance, relevant departments attach great importance, being

carried out survey work.
Moutai will personally product inspection called plasticizer residues in line with national standards
A few days ago, two investors say they bought Kweichow Moutai products sent to the organization, but a two detection results, a claim to 53 degrees flying Moutai
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exceed the standard about 1.4 times, another is called without plasticizer.
The State Council released the 2013 holidays has caused wide public concern. Yesterday, lawyers said Han Fuzheng, part of which is arranged to cause a week off-duty

workers work 7 days in a row, with the labor law and other laws and regulations, conflict, and it has formed a working, living habits and coordination. Yesterday, he

petitioned the general office of the State Council, proposed to be modified.
7 days a week even suspected of violating the law
Han Fuzheng said, according to the ” Office of the State Council on 2013 part of the holiday notice ” arrangement, in 2013 many workers will face 1 work 8 days in a

row, 3 consecutive 7 day special cases.
Han Fuzheng points out, our country labor law the thirty-eighth regulation, ” employers should ensure workers a weekly day of rest at least “. ” Provisions of the

State Council on working ” the provisions of article third, ” workers work 8 hours a day, 40 hours of work per week “.
He thinks, according to the specific provisions, general workers work 5 days a week, under special circumstances the employer must ensure that employees at least once

a week and 24 hours of uninterrupted rest.
” According to ‘ notice ‘ arrangement, new year’s day work 8 days in a row, after the Spring Festival for 7 consecutive days. The 8 and 7 days are over two weeks, and nike penny hardaway shoes for sale

not in a week in a row, the two holiday arrangements relating to the law of broad and narrow understanding, so we believe that regardless of the whether illegal.

December 4th, market participants short

December 4th, market participants short sales Moutai margin fell to the recent lows, was closed after only 390000 strands, Moutai short salescheap nike air max lebron 8 volume; 12, short sales

Moutai margin reached 536000 shares.
During this period, short sales correspond to the value 76000000 yuan from 113000000 yuan to increase, investors bearish Moutai displayed the bearish sentiment

increased Moutai shares.
This much smaller network rumors at hundreds of millions of dollars of financed bonds scale. So far the largest securities market day ( 12 days) of only 113000000

At the beginning of the month has profit margin
With the stock price performance, short sales for some to win the opportunity for individual investors may still be feasible way to profit.
Moutai shares fell sharply in December 3rd, this day is the recent bond short selling Moutai greatest day. On the same day with 142000 shares short Moutai shares

profits, according to the calculation of these sales decline, on profit achieves 2250000 yuan.
Commencing from December, December 3rd is Moutai decreases most intense few trading days. If the November 30th hold cheap nike air max lebron 9 short sales Moutai investors ( 434000 shares ),

until the recent share price all Moutai lows in December 6th profits, these investors profit 9460000 yuan.
If the securities loan interest rate 8%, lending the market value of 80000000 yuan Moutai shares, investors should pay actually cost control in 110000 yuan.
In December 6th after the short sales of investors, now possible to losses for most. In addition to yesterday Moutai shares fell 2.91%, the remaining few trading days

the stock rose.
Financing much more space
Securities Limited securities borrowed difficult, but if as rumors to suppress price, then the financing do if there is space?
As of 12, Moutai financing to buy the size of 1040000000 yuan, is almost 10 times of Rongquan sell. But in the financing of this one, financing change more slowly.
From 12 the beginning has, financing to buy the Moutai balance has been maintained at around 1000000000 yuan, which in December 7th reached 1200000000 yuan, the

highest for the near future.
If investors in December 6th December 11th financing to buy more, all over, in December 11th the repayment of finance 216000000 yuan, profit scale is 19480000 yuan,

financing cost about $240000 (at 8% interest rate to calculate ). In the market the most extreme cases, may appear with a group of investors profit nearly 20000000
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cases; if investors greater scale, partial profit, expected profit bigger.

This gave the liquor industry a heavy blow

This gave the liquor industry a heavy blow test report oncheap nike kobe 6 earth from which detection mechanism? ” Crystal King” has not publicly. Investors have said, ” even the

detection mechanism is what all don’t know, how to judge its authority? ”
” Crystal King” who is
Not only that, ” Crystal King” who, individual or team, date unknown.
Since the ” Crystal King” in the snowball network release censored Moutai news, reporter discovery, micro-blog, QQ and a variety of network channels appear much named

” Crystal King ” the netizen.
This month 7 days to 9 days, the reporter through the micro-blog for contacting a ” Crystal King”, a reporter asked him whether it is in a snowball network release

Moutai plasticizer detection “Crystal King”, it did not deny. A few days later, reporter discovery, published reviews began to criticize the ” Crystal King”, and ”

Crystal King ” of the network made a change.
The day before yesterday, the online Puchu ” Crystal King” QQ chat records releases, there are users that their bad Moutai network private. Allegedly, Zhai Jingyong
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blog in Sina blog is disclosed in its ” Crystal King” chat records, show Zhai Jingyong is one was ” Crystal King” to help its diffusion message object.
” Crystal King” in the snowball network personal home page said, have no QQ, but do not know UC.
Liquor “submission tide ”
Last month the exposure of Jiugui Liquor plasticizer storm began in twenty-first Century net. Moutai plasticizer storm began in the ” Crystal King “. Investment

advisory body to Societe Generale yesterday released test report, Wuliangye, the Yanghe River and many other brands of liquor plasticizer all exceed the standard.
Yesterday, a liquor company relevant responsible person said, more private censorship is not truth is clear, will only make the situation more complex disorder, the

most authoritative still need relevant state departments timely stand out, incident thereon to the public an open and transparent investigation and interpretation, but

also to let the entire liquor industry ended in chaos.
The Beijing News reporter Li Jing
The related
On the implications of Moutai plastic investors for up to 4 days to earn 20000000
New capital signs up for dispatch ( reporter Wu Min ) although Moutai clarify plasticizer do not exceed the standard, but its share price in the near future still

remains in the doldrums. In this storm, Kweichow Moutai short sales balance in December has continued to nike zoom lebron 6
Trading smaller