Expeditionary Army tanks hand now nearly 90 years

“In just 20 days, there are more than 300 one-time are recorded at least 12 points, an unprecedented punishment history.” Luoyang, a traffic

police said, he treated the offenses, motor vehicle
discount air jordan 4 shoes  plate and deliberately obscured and defaced No. licensing a larger proportion of these

are subjective malicious behavior will strictly enforce the law.

Through a red light and yellow light one-time deduction by deduction 3 assigned 6 points, drunk driving, motor vehicle plate or deliberately

obscured, defaced by a one-time deduction assigned 12 points … face demerit points continue to “overweight” In reality, driver friend

pinched the sweat, a lot of people worried Branch buckle burst. In this regard, the Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police

Detachment remind driver friend must be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the motor vehicle traffic traveling awe soul

SGX law and social responsibility, and try not to break the law.

My father the Zhang Tingpeng (University of Nanking), after 44 years to participate in the Chinese Expeditionary Force in the Indian Army, as

the chariot of the second battalion of tanks hand, driving M3A3 tanks, are seeking the same car brothers, hope the family future generations

or insiders see posts private letter to contact the co-pilot Wang Hui (Tsinghua University), the gunner Xia Liangzhe (Central University),

loader Zhang practicing vegetarian (Central air jordan v basketball shoes for sale University), correspondent and machine gunner had the Order of the policy (Jiaotong University)

seeking to proliferation, Kouxie!

This search notices to spread rapidly through microblogging, even the real estate sector celebrity Ren Zhiqiang also involved in forwarding,

and asked one: people know this history?

Last night, so far, this microblogging has been 8,000 transponders and over one thousand comments enthusiastic netizens to help, but also

have mixed feelings: this is a high-quality vehicles “student soldiers” ah! When it comes to the history of 70 years ago, that period of

bloody war, citing most of the sentence is “one inch the Sunward inch blood, 100,000 soldiers, thousands of young people.”

Yesterday, the reporter linked to hair microblogging the East pole haizi “- Mr. Zhang Haijun, he readily agreed to an interview request. Mr.

Zhang is a mild-mannered middle-aged Hangzhou man, aged 45, served as general manager of Zhoushan City, an investment management company.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw his father Zhang Tingpeng, the elderly. Mr. Zhang is located south of the home The year the top

students of the University of Nanking, the chariot of the second battalion of the Chinese Expeditionary Army tanks hand now nearly 90 years

old, the old man the other day had surgery because of eye diseases, today just discharged a piece of gauze covered her right eye, but it

looks like the spirit Yes, his voice bright speak air feet, when it comes to the year of military service experience, Let’s talk

cheap nike air jordan 6 mens  about the

story on the battlefield, excited at the ban could not waving his hands even more than with painting looks nothing like a nearly 90 years

old, the oldest old elderly.

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