including 36 people driving license was downgraded

19:00, the reporter linked to Mawan Mei, she said to tell his father home after the car spoke the news of the death of Ma Shitu   air jordan i shoes for sale What did not

say that, did not mention a word, began to pick up a newspaper to see. Daughter sent a basket of flowers to the spoke wheel, “father quietly

answered a ‘good’ word in full.

Yesterday, Xiu, another old celebrity 89-year-old Wang Huo told reporters that he saw in the newspaper, the news of the death spoke wheel, “I

know him, he may not know me, because our party is not much, once or twice in public places. “king of fire remember there is a gathering of

spokes in a wheelchair, and his son, pushed him to. “I would like to say that such a good an old man go, my heart is sad his situation I

understand him, I am also concerned convenient, please give my regards to cars and old family members.”

Ma Shitu annually

Will give friends a postcard

Walked the car spoke during his lifetime to be the longest one study, which in addition to the book is the photo of him and others. The

bookcase close and Ma Shitu photo also horse Shitu January 2010 greeting cards, says: “car spoke comrades: good luck, have a bright future,

good health, family happiness. Enter the air jordan 2 basketball shoes for cheap nine-year-old, seems to should continue to live. “close the top horses know the way your own photos,

and autographed.

Mawan Mei introduced each year are responsible for helping his father to mail a greeting card to an old friend. Content is printed above will

attach a photo, this habit has been adhered to a better year. This year she sent greeting cards, congratulations, father also attached a pen

and ink, named “jingle”: “decrepit 18 September this year, nearly blind becoming deaf for but not silly, Hades have asked me to go, kid come

wrapped I am not afraid of life can have a few back stroke, contained a somersault Suansha gloom haze sweeps, tranquil and peaceful music

knows no boundaries. winter book – 2012 ”

January 1, users called “the most stringent traffic regulations” – “to apply for a driver’s license and use provisions” (Ministry of Public

Security Decree No. 123) to implement, yesterday, the Oriental Daily News reporter from the Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic

Police Detachment learned that short period of 21 days from the 1st to the 21st, Luoyang 324 driver once credited at least 12 points,

including 36 people driving license was downgraded.

Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment revealed that the 324 one-time driver at least 12 points in mind, the

majority of large and medium-sized van driver, driver’s license was detained, 36 of which the person’s driver’s license was downgraded.

Traffic police detachment to remind the near future Luoyang City driving tube will be notified individually driver’s license was downgraded

36 people carrying driver’s licenses and   air jordan iii cheap ID cards to re-print driver’s license, if within thirty days, do not apply for the downgrade renewal

business, the computer system will automatically downgrade its license .

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