and family newspapers all around the house to hide

Color painting hanging on the living room wall spoke wheel spokes with a smile and a thumbs-up. Photo next to close Ye   jordan melo m8 shoes on sale Ruikun the elegiac

couplet written, filled with flowers below. The other side of the elegiac couplet hung Chengdu Art Academy former president Tian Xu sent.

The eldest daughter spoke wheel cars Ling told reporters spoke wheel lifetime care for them, said the father to contribute to the family and

society, his pen stopped working, and always optimistic, even in his sick bed to eat dancing, often than V gestures. Ling of cars can still

remember his 14-year-old, his father sent her to go the distance when reading, happily out of the gate, come so far behind father suddenly

found motionless, smiling looking at their backs, often think father, this scenario came to mind again. Spoke these words, the car Ling tears

in his eyes. Car Ming leaning sister, hand to wipe her tears, but also tearful: “cry wisdom Well, Dad said let us weep! Happily spoke little

daughter car!”

Mentioned his father have no unfinished last wish, car Ling said, the idea of ​​the father is the most, he often has ideas air jordan spizike shoes on sale and never crushed,

his dream is to go home. Spoke wheel, to the eldest daughter filed before the death of Ba Jin spoke wheel to a hospital in Shanghai to see

The Ba Jin body everywhere inserted a tube, he said he did not want that old, in the hospital, he did not want to always want to go home.

Informed that her daughter has been sent to the spoke wheel baskets

Ma Shitu quietly answered a “good”

The 98-year-old horses know the way a year younger than the spoke wheel, and the two are friends. Ma Shitu the last known Xiu celebrity

spokes died message.

16:00, Ma Shitu daughter Ma Wanmei car amplitude doorstep, with a large basket of flowers. She said instead of his father and Lee Chi sent Ma

Shitu send flowers are also kept in the dark. And after the meeting of the cars Xinmin, Ma Wanmei some complain accusing them, “Why do not

tell me, ah, I know from reporters there.” Car the Xinmin look ashamed, said Ma Shitu age, fear him uncomfortable. The Mawan Mei also the

look of tangled, said to think of yourself and the car Xinmin together, is also afraid stimulus father, afraid of his father to know the

news, and family newspapers all around the house to hide.

Ma Wanmei leave, pulled out a camera to the scene and baskets shoot down the home if the father asked, give him a look, can be considered as

an explanation. The car the Xinmin   air jordan i shoes for sale rebate a cup inscribed Ding Cong spoke wheel painted caricatures and aspen inscription: “A light heart

lives long.”

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