Ma Shitu daughter sent a wreath for his father

In Guangzhou last Vipera russelli time around November 2011. Survey of the staff of the South China Institute of Endangered jordan after game ii for sale  Animals Wei Kai

waves in Jiangmen Heshan, via a the Miscanthus heap next to a glimpse of a Vipera russelli fleeing into the bushes, one meter away from him,

another disk in a coarse grass “hiss hiss “sounds. Step forward again, I am afraid that will brutally bitten by a snake.


Vipera russelli wounding the highest rate of

Vipera russelli the South Asia wounding the highest rate of vipers, people once bitten, the undead may also be crippled for life, and

therefore recommended that members of the public not to deliberately look for. Zhang Liang said, its head is triangular, coarse tail short

body, head back there three circular spot dorsal large circular spot with three vertical rows, staggered round spots on both sides of his

back and his party, the center of the circular spot purple-brown, surrounded by black, laced with yellow-white edge, ferocious. 1 m in length

and weigh up to 1.5 kilograms, the head is relatively large.

In general, Vipera russelli like habitat in the cool air, frightened not to flee, but the body coiled into a circle, and issued the sound of

the whirring of the air outlet, the body continues to expand in the general activities in the hilly areas, hot summer, last as long as half

an hour for food, rats, birds, lizards. Today  jordan big ups on sale Vipera russelli hard to find in Guangzhou, the habitat has been destroyed. Zhang Liang said, if

the public found traces Vipera russelli Please notify the South China Institute of Endangered Animals or newspaper.
The 99-year-old spoke wheel, died last night. Yesterday, the community spontaneously go the spoke wheel house, to mourn the veteran old

newspaper man. Meanwhile, Ma Shitu daughter sent a wreath for his father, The Wei Minglun brought the spokes portrait painting by Ding Cong,

Liu Shahe take their wares to bid farewell to friends … son spoke wheel car Xinmin said Guo’s daughter, Zhang Daqian grandnephew hair to

mourning SMS.

10:00 today, spoke wheel, body donation ceremony will be held at the West China Hospital.

The Ba Jin systemic’ve seen bristling with tubes and

It means old not in the hospital

Yesterday morning, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daoju and Fu Jiazhong, on behalf of the Chengdu Commercial Daily, presented

flowers to the most experienced veteran reporter. Although the car old who leaves the behest requirements mourning hall set to open the

memorial service, but still packed on this old apartment door and corridor community memorial service for his people. His friends, loved

ones, including media people admiring. Noon, Liu Shahe come to mourn, to comfort the children of the spoke wheel. Evening Wei Minglun holding

Ding Cong spoke wheel painting portraits
air jordan fly wade shoes cheap  soon. In addition, the car Xinmin said Guo’s daughter, Zhang Daqian grandnephew sent condolences

SMS, and requested the sons and daughters of grief.

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