Zhang Liang inspection Vipera russelli found

University City food chain is broken

Biological Island “snake eat snake” phenomenon also attracted the attention of the South China Institute of Endangered Animals cheap nike air max 95 360 uk  expert Zhang

Liang, he said, some snake species would indeed be similar phase food, such as the king cobra Bungarus Elaphe carinata. But the macular

fishing Colubridae rare to eat the same kind of phenomenon. Zhang Liang analysis, this means that the University City original balance of the

food chain has been broken. First of all, due to unscientific worshipers released, resulting in University City, a sudden increase in a large

number of snakes, resulting in the original food, such as frogs, fish a shortage, coupled with the lower water temperature, they can not

water fishing, frog also hibernation, these The snakes only diffusion. Temperatures rise in hungry snake lack of food, only cannibalism.

Zhang Liang said that this is caused by a typical Letting killing.

Released unscientific fear of the spread of disease

At present, Guangzhou has two wildlife demonstration sites in cities suitable for reintroduction of animals “, a Baiyunshan, another

University City Wan Tsui head wetlands  nike air max 95 360 womens uk for sale City Forestry and Landscaping of Wild Fauna and Flora Protection and Management Office, Renlian Jun

Hao said, Park.

University City, Sun Yat-sen University Campus riverside one hundred macular fishing Colubridae field survey found, some have climbed the

road were crushed to death, while others did not find a place to hide to be frozen to death. Lian-Jun-ho said, “These private reintroduction

of animals purchased from the market, without quarantine review, may carry the avian flu virus.”

Do not deliberately look for Vipera russelli

Earlier this month, the newspaper Guangzhou eight categories snake special poison, “a text out to the streets, many enthusiasts of the

missing years in Guangzhou Vipera russelli looks very interested yesterday, the South China Institute of Endangered Animals found two photos

to satisfy readers. Zhang Liang inspection Vipera russelli found and Vipera russelli infested documented in Guangzhou, in a 1842 foreign

language literature, in Zengcheng near the location.

Some people said, very powerful kind of snake called Mast leopard the past LUOGANG area the older generation snake also
cheap nike air max 95 trainers  know, Mast leopard is

commonly known as Vipera russelli. Fauna records produced in Fujian Vipera russelli like to ambush prey lurking in the agave plants


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