throat so that the perpetrators dilemma

Registry Luzhu Ren told reporters after the incident, the school this extremely seriously, to appease the victims teacher, a    nike air max 2011 womens trainers sale online  detailed

investigation of the school’s security risks, and to further strengthen the access control management, while whole-school students and

teachers to strengthen safety education. Responsible for campus safety the General Prescription Director also told reporters that, yesterday

afternoon, the school also specially convened meeting of all the homeroom teacher, emphasis on security issues.

The dawn of the Year of the Snake, biological Island but now snakes eat snakes tragedy! Yesterday, animal protector of snakes due to the

larger number of unscientific released to University City, coupled with the lack of food, the snake spread to biological Island still fill

not the belly this week, a similar phase to the newspaper rebellion residues. The experts called for believers, released science, or instead


The newspaper Guangzhou eight categories snake special poison, “a text out to the streets after early March, the public want to see the true

colors of Guangzhou, the most mysterious viper Vipera russelli. Yesterday, the South China Institute of Endangered Animals expert Zhang Liang

by multi-looking, and found two photos
cheap nike air max 2010 mens uk   for our readers. Experts do not recommend people specifically looking Vipera russelli strongly because

of its toxicity, like lurking in the hay deciduous, once bitten, undead might also crippled.

Macular fisheries Colubridae internecine

About two o’clock on the afternoon of January 21, Zhang Gan cycling through biological the Island Ink park greenway, roadside tree planting

pit, found traces of two macular fisheries Colubridae are 50 centimeters long, about a finger thick. And walk around the snakes first,

suddenly a macular fishing snake suddenly bite other of a macular fisheries snake neck began voracious “cannibalism” behavior after the bite.

Perhaps it is another snake too big, perpetrators swallow victims head, neck finds it difficult to swallow, victims such as the thorn in the

throat so that the perpetrators dilemma. Struggling for a while, the perpetrators or the victims spit it out.

Zhang Gan told reporters, between macular and fisheries snake killing each other is the first time I saw. Currently, many were released

macular fisheries snake infested Ink   nike air max 2009 uk sale Garden pond rubble, it appears that this group of snakes is not familiar with the University City area

environment and food shortages, is no way to hibernate.

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