If there is no grass-roots awareness, no sense

If there is no grass-roots awareness, no sense of spirit, air jordan 1 retro shoes there is no grass-roots front-line workers harbor feelings, they are very difficult to provide a good service to the masses, it is difficult to consider the issue from the point of view of the masses. In view of this, the principal leaders of the county government attaches great importance to the new civil servants in this respect the quality of training. “So we seize on the pre-job training opportunities, introduced into the pre-service training programs which the grassroots exercise.”

I sincerely apologize and explain a bit, here with you just expressed in different regions, and did not bother to distinguish between the meaning of, like the occasional mainland people will be like “you Beijing”, “You Northeast” concept . Just encountered, would feel special is magnified, as if we deliberately and stressed that Taiwan is better, so the speaker careless listener interested inevitably uncomfortable mainland friends listened.

I went home and particularly reflect on a moment in Taiwan, indeed just as the neighbors will say “You where people dumplings do really delicious like to listen to some ears to see outside feeling. So exchanges with mainland local friend, indeed the special attention, so as not estranged.
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Of course, I also turn with the Shanghai friend mentioned some time with a group of Shanghai gathering of friends, if we are deliberate in Shanghai dialect chat and other non-Shanghai friends do not understand, will feel uncomfortable, like did not fit into this topic or group’s sense of isolation.

Cross-strait exchanges are more and more frequently, but some small details should also pay attention to such exchange up even more barriers friends!
In the United States, James Buchanan, the father of the founder of the theory of public choice and constitutional economics (James M. Buchanan) died at the age of 93.

Buchanan’s contribution to economics is that conventional economic analysis applied to the government level. Including: basic theory and basic knowledge of the country of origin, the rights and obligations of the government, public ownership, public resources, public policy, the Constitution, constitutional republic, democracy and freedom of markets and countries.

In 1986, Buchanan won the Nobel Prize in Economics, in recognition of its use of economic analysis to the political decision-making process which, to fill the huge vacancy of the previous economic studies.jordan shoes 3 for sale

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